2017 Banquet [recap]

The enchanted forest came to this year’s Berks Christian School banquet. The juniors spent months planning for this event, from picking gifts for each senior to ordering plates and napkins.

The banquet took place at the Dunn Community Center in Exeter. My class picked this location because of the old-fashioned wooden roof and wooden poles that were already decorated with christmas lights. It was one huge room, and in the center, we put four round tables with white covers and brown chairs. All the plates, forks, spoons and knives were made of wood, and we used mason jars as our cups that said “Berks Christian School 2017 Banquet”. Andrew Keylor, Landon Halter, and I made over 30 napkin roses to add to the theme. Carli Bercek said “It was so perfect and the decorations were beautiful.”.

When everyone finally arrived to the “enchanted forest”, we had appetizers which were chicken strips and a fruit salad. As people arrived, Leah Fabian, our photographer for the evening, took photos of everyone, and she was willing to take all the goofy ones we asked for. After we were done with the photos, we ate dinner: pulled pork and chicken breast with mac and cheese.

The juniors had to give gifts to each senior with a little speech. The boys were given leather wallets with their initials and the verses they picked for their yearbook page. The girls were also given wallets with their initials on the front, which were also decorated with a theme we thought would fit them the best. At the very end, we had a scavenger hunt. Each team had a children’s book and things were cut out of the photos. Every teacher/parents had envelopes with the photos. We had to describe what we thought was on the missing photo we needed, and if we got it, tape it back together. The first team to finish each won a 10 dollar gift card to Chick-Fil-A.

The enchanted forest only lasted until 9 o’clock, so we all left to my parent’s farm for the after party. We had a huge bonfire with s’mores, candy, and soda. We projected a movie off of our trampoline outside with our volleyball net next to it. The party lasted until 1:30 in the morning.

Andrew Keylor said, “I thought the banquet was amazing. I specifically enjoyed the after party where we went outside and watched a projected movie.” Even with the stress of getting it all together and making sure everything was perfect, I enjoyed it very much and loved every minute of it.

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