2018 Local Travel Guide

If you do not want this year to be a bore, then find some fun places to visit in 2018. I made a list of some destinations you might want to see before this year ends. I have visited all of these places, and some of your classmates (or even yourself) might have as well.


There are so many fun little things you can do very close to home like bowling, arcades, and laser tag. A lot of these activities you can do all year round. My favorite is laser tag, and I’ve been to two different places: one at the Works called Laser Quest and another at Jay Lanes in Douglassville. Jay Lanes also has a bowling alley, and if you go after nine o’clock on the weekends, the music and disco ball are turned on. Some other things are the Escape Rooms located in West Reading or in the Coventry Mall. Another fun place to go is Painting With A Twist, where you can paint crafts with a group of friends as you drink and eat. (Go visit senior Ashlee Shumaker, who works at the location in Exeter). 


I love going on hikes. It is a great way to get out and see what the world holds. My favorite time to go is in the spring and summer. In the spring, it is so beautiful seeing all the colors and new plants growing. My two favorite places are Monocacy Hill in Douglassville and St. Peter’s Village near Morgantown.             



One famous park is only one hour away: Hershey Park has so many fun opportunities, including a water park, rollercoasters, a zoo and, of course , Chocolate World. Even in the winter, Hershey Park has events where they open all the indoor rides and have reindeer petting plus amazing Christmas lights all over.

A fun indoor place to visit during the winter is Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. I was just there and had an amazing time. There are so many fun things to do here, like petting fish, sharks, starfish, and stingrays. You can also walk on a rope bridge over the open shark tank and walk through a shark tunnel.   

Lakes and Beaches.

Some of the best times in the summer are weekends spent at the beach or lake. This past summer I had an amazing opportunity to spend a weekend at Raystown Lake. I went with Andrew and Kristin Keylor and bunch of other families. My favorite thing we did was kayaking. I also spent a lot of my weekends at Lake Wallenpaupack. It is a great place for tubing and wakeboarding.    

My family usually spends one weekend at Ocean City, NJ. We love this beach so much, and it is a great family place to hang out and bond. There are roller coasters, arcades, ice cream, mini golfs and more on the boardwalk.

I know winter might seem as a boring time of the year where there is nothing to do, but as you can tell there are a lot of fun things to do all year around. So have fun, and I hope this list helps you make 2018 a great year!

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