A Pint-Sized Graduation

Graduation: the celebration of the hard work throughout the year in a ceremony that brings tears to the family’s eyes when they see their sweet babies all grown up standing on stage. Graduation is the big step before moving on in this big scary world and our Kindergartners are stepping up to the challenge, facing it full on, looking forward to the big picture…1st grade.

All joking aside, this is huge for these guys. On Thursday, 5/25 at 7pm, this year’s kindergarten class will celebrate their graduation. Through an interview with these students, we found out what goes on in the minds of our youngest lions.

We asked the kindergartners, “What was the hardest thing you did this year?” The little graduates said reading, poems, singing, and writing. When Juliana was asked, she responded with saying “I am a promise.” This led all the rest of the kids around her to follow with “ I am a possibility”, reciting a poem they had learned.  Isaac added, “I don’t know. A lot of things are hard,” which is a statement all upperclassmen can agree with.

I think it’s best just to show you their cute responses to the other questions we asked.

“How smart do you feel?”

  • Roman: Pretty smart. Did you know 1000+1000 is 2000?
  • Lily: Very smart
  • Maggie: Very smart
  • Eli: 0
  • Isaac: 2 million smarter
  • Katie: Smart
  • Jackson: Really smart
  • Sam: A little bit smart
  • Juliana: Yeah
  • Logan: -silently stared at the floor-

That speaks for itself and all its cuteness. We received the following adorable answers for our next question.

“What can school still teach you?”

  • Roman: Can’t think of anything else
  • Lily: -looks at the wall in wonder of what the older kids drew-
  • Maggie: Write in cursive
  • Eli: Nothing
  • Isaac: Nothing-we will probably learn about one or two more things
  • Katie: More
  • Jackson: Sing
  • Sam: Being good friends
  • Juliana: Learn about kittens
  • Logan: 1st grade

When we asked these kiddos “Was kindergarten hard?”, we got five no’s and three yes’s. Juliana said, “It’s getting harder,” and Sam said “It feels nice.”

In our last question, we asked them separately,

“What do you see when you look at this picture?”

  • Eli: Clown
  • Isaac: Dog
  • Katie: Mad bear
  • Jackson: Face with a mustache
  • Sam: Bear
  • Juliana: When I look at it upside down, it looks like a light bulb with something over it and dots
  • Logan: train

(The fact that two kids said the same thing blows me away.)

To Our Kindergartners, Class of 2030:

Many of you will not read this, most of you probably don’t even know what The Logic is, but that’s ok. You all are the future leaders of our school. With every year that passes you will go up a grade, and new kids will fill in your old classes. Lead them well, and lead for God.

Your Friend,
T.J. Moses

Happy graduation, kids!

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  1. TJ, I love this article! Excellent writing, and, as usual, great humor! Wise and touching advice at the end. Great end-of-the-year article!

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