BCS Basketball Student Section

This year, a student section will be added to BCS basketball games to encourage more students to cheer on our players. I know sports are not for everyone, but to make it easier for non-fans, we added themes to each home game.

Lily, Maryed, and I are in charge of the student sections and have made an instagram page that will encourage and remind you when and what theme the next game will have. Go follow Defend_the_Den on Instagram. We will be starting with maroon and gold themes on the first home game on December 11th at 7:30pm. Here is the rest of the season’s theme schedule:   

Dec. 14 – 7:30pm: Hawaii/ beach against High Point

Dec. 18 – 7:30pm: White out against Lititz

Dec. 19 – 7:30pm: Army against Lancaster County

Jan. 5 – 7:30pm: USA against Veritas

Jan. 8 – 6:30pm: Superhero against Tulpehocken

Jan 9 – 7:30pm: Preppy against Conestoga

Jan. 25 – 6pm: Neon against Susquenita

Feb. 5 – 7:30pm: Referee against New Covenant

The theme for the upcoming game will be announced ahead of time, and if you want to you can dress up to match the theme. Of course, it would look better if everyone would join and be a part of the fun. The announcements will have the time and the opponent team. We will also be posting pictures of the game, the student section, and information on the upcoming themes on the instagram page. 

This is a great way to show the teams that we are here for them and ready for some wins. Andrew Keylor thinks it will be fun seeing and hearing more people cheering in the crowd. Tate Moll said, “ I think the student section is a great idea. It will excite the players and intimidate the other team. It will make our gym come alive with more excitement.”  

This will be a great and fun way to cheer for our BCS players. Even if you are not into sports or basketball, you should still come out to support the teams and school.  Our teams will love it and our rivals will hate it. Don’t forget to wear maroon and gold on December 11th at 7:30pm!

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