Black Friday History

     When you think of Black Friday, you might think of stores having discounts and people rushing into stores to buy cheaper Christmas gifts. Before this, however, the term “Black Friday” was used to describe what the day after Thanksgiving was like from the perspective of Philadelphia cops during the holiday traffic from people traveling after Thanksgiving. The people were mostly traveling to stores in Philadelphia or coming a day in advance of the Army-Navy football game that was held there every year there on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The term “Black Friday” didn’t take off until later when stores started to have discount sales because of all the people that shopped the day after Thanksgiving.

     Today, Black Friday is a day that both people and businesses are busy. The people are busy looking for discounts and doing early Christmas shopping, and businesses use this day to make more of a profit. In business, the term “red” is used to mean debt and “black” is used to mean profit. Some people believe that the term “Black Friday” is also used to say that businesses are leaving the red and moving into the black. Usually they make this profit by discounting multiple products, and then people will end up buying more than they actually need or want.

     Since businesses want to make a profit, they will do many things to try and make as much money as possible. The first thing they might do is open later in the day on Thanksgiving to start getting shoppers and start making sales. Secondly, they might advertise their deals ahead of time to let people know what products are being discounted. Remember: the reason they have so many discounts is because people might be more likely to buy the products they don’t necessarily need if it is cheaper. When you are out doing your Black Friday shopping, you might want to ask yourself questions like ‘Do I need this?’ or ‘Will this be useful to me?’. This Black Friday is definitely going to be busy, with stores filled with discounts and shoppers, so be sure that you are extra safe and mindful of everything happening during this shopping season.

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  1. Nice to learn some of the history. It is a day that represent some of the worst of who we are: greed, gluttony, physically violence, and putting gifts ahead of caring for each other,… It’s easy to get caught up in the thought of saving a dollar.

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