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This past weekend a few of my classmates and I visited Liberty University. We all had an amazing experience getting a better understanding of college life, classes, and our futures. Theoretically we were there to find a good college, but there were some crazy events, so all academics aside, let’s skip to the good stuff.

After the six hour drive, finding a parking space was extremely difficult. We waited for a girl who was clearly in a hurry to back out of her spot. While backing out she ran over the curb and popped her tire. We had to find another spot, but we entertained ourselves by putting the blame on Miss Klase. This was not the last of the parking lot problems. While trying to leave the lot of Camp Hydaway, our 12 passenger van was on a narrow dead end dirt road with a steep hill on our left and a cliff on our right… and we needed to turn around. Looking out the rear window during the 7,384 point turn shook us not only out of our boots, but the van as well. We had no idea how close the wheels were to slipping, but it sure seemed like we were hanging off the ledge looking straight down. Everyone jumped out of the van until the frightening feat was finished.

That night, I stayed up way too late because the dorm couch I was supposed to sleep on was occupied by a student playing video games until 1am. With only a few hours of sleep I was totally unprepared for the eventful day awaiting. Matt and I wanted to get from my sister’s basketball game to the dorms. I decided to take Liberty’s “state of the art” transportation system of buses that circled the campus. Little did I know only one of the many buses circled the campus. Matt and I hopped on a bus thinking we’d get to the dorms, but it instantly took the exit for the highway. I was optimistic to think it would just stop at the shopping center then continue around campus. It drove past the shopping center exit. We thought that bus would never turn around and we were in for an unexpected cross country road trip. Luckily the bus stopped in front of some apartments after 20 minutes on Route 460. The bus was full and after this stop Matt and I were now sitting alone on the empty bus. We got back to campus and hopped on trusty ol’ bus 71, which still took another 15 minutes to drive to the dorms. In the end it took us an hour when we could have just walked for 5 minutes, but we didn’t care. We were finally back on ground and resting.

The bad luck had passed and we were having the time of our lives. We spent a few hours at the year round ski resort. Matt was wise and chose to ski, while I decided to try snowboarding. After many hard falls on the hill meant for small children and beginners, I still had no idea how to stop, steer away from scary ramps, or even know how to snowboard whatsoever. I was in no way ready to take on the massive steep hill meant for very good snowboarders… stupidly I did it anyway. Long story short, I tumbled the entire way down.

I admitted Matt was right and I switched to skis. I was instantly hooked. It was a lot easier and more enjoyable when you’re not constantly face planting into the hard ground. I was ready for the big hill. I zoomed down that hill again and again like I actually knew what I was doing. On the treadmill ride up I watched this little kid go to the professional hill. It was two giant slopes that get you high in the air and somehow your supposed to land and stop without skiing to your death. I still didn’t know how to stop on skis, so I asked this little kid for some advice. He instructed me how to stop when I told him I wanted to conquer the monstrous professional hill and had no idea how to stop. He said, “If you can show me that you can stop, I can promise you a 50% chance that you won’t die.” With his guidance I tried stopping 3 times on the small hill. All 3 times I face planted… so I went to the professional hill.

At the top I looked down the cliff-like hill. There was a giant ramp at the bottom and I knew if I didn’t come to a stop before that ramp I would be flying over the resort and probably land in Florida. My heart was pounding. I said a prayer and took the drop. I was going so fast and the ramp was approaching. Somehow I came to a stop at the base of the ramp. I didn’t fall and felt accomplished. I threw the poles to the ground and screamed in excitement.

“College for a Weekend” was the best experience ever. Liberty set the bar pretty high for any other post high school options. Somehow we all returned uninjured and safe… at least until the next college visit.

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