Christmas Gift Ideas

     With Christmas approaching, it can be hectic preparing for the holiday and getting gifts for friends and families. People usually tend to run out of time, so they end up cramming all their gift shopping into the week before Christmas. Sometimes, the gifts they buy end up being something simple and unoriginal that not much thought was put into. Since Christmas is less than a week away, here are a few ideas on things that you can get as a last minute gift for someone:

1. Amazon Prime Subscription

     Do you know someone that loves online shopping? If you do, then this gift is perfect for them! With Amazon Prime, they can get free 2-day shipping on almost any item that they order. That isn’t all: they also get access to music streaming and other services. The price for a month is $10.99 and a year is $99. While it can be expensive, it can be extremely useful. You might want to invest into it for yourself as well so you can get other gifts as soon as possible.


2. Gift Cards

     While they might not seem like a thoughtful gift, they can still be useful. You can get gift cards for restaurants, stores, and other services such as Spotify. If you know someone likes a particular restaurant, get them a gift card for that place. If you are giving a gift to a couple, you could give them gift cards to go on a date. You could get gifts cards for a theater and a restaurant for a dinner and movie date. If you want to be a bit more creative, you can give the gift cards in a new wallet. Usually, you will want to get a gift card if you can’t think of a gift that would be better, or if you have no time to pick something out. One of the best parts about this gift is that you have the choice of how much money it costs


3. Portable Chargers

     With most people having smartphones in today’s world, people find it a struggle to keep their phones charged because they lack having a good battery life. If you know someone that has a phone that constantly dies on them, then you might want to surprise them with a portable charger. Some can be used multiple times before needing to be charged. The only disadvantage is that some will require carrying the charging cord that goes with the phone along with the charger. Another part that could be complicated is remembering to charge the charger. If you plug your phone in every night to charge, you could just plug the charger in alongside the phone.


     This list should give you an idea of some things you could buy for gifts. It can be very exciting to give and get gifts, but it is more important to remember that the real reason for Christmas is not because of gift giving, but because of Jesus Christ.

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