Christmas Music (The Sounds of the Season)

Music brings people together and impacts lives in amazing ways. There are so many genres of music, but there is nothing better than Christmas music.

Christmas music brings us together during the wonderful holiday season and makes us feel happy and warm. It gives us a sense of the season and gets us in the holiday spirit. Christmas music is its own genre, but there are also genres within it. There are country Christmas albums, classical albums, and even pop albums.

The reason why so many people listen to Christmas music is because there are different styles for everyone. From Joe Diffie’s “Leroy The Redneck Reindeer” to Justin Bieber’s Christmas album Under the Mistletoe, and the legendary Michael Buble Christmas album. Christmas music has everyone covered.

The classics are always on the radio before and a little bit after Christmas. The Billboard charts rank the top 100 hot Christmas songs, and most all of them are on the radio (link to Billboard charts). Mariah Carey has the number one song pretty much every single year. She is a legend, who sings “All I Want for Christmas is You” which is pretty much number one on the charts every year. The classic song “Jingle Bell Rock” has been in the top ten for decades now. The charts have the big hits, but sometimes they miss some good ones.

The funny songs like “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”, “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”, and “Dominic the Christmas Donkey” are huge hits for the little kids. It gets them happy and laughing and in the Christmas spirit.

A huge thing in the Christmas music industry is Country Christmas albums. A lot of big name artists collaborate and make an album or put one out themselves. Sometimes artists release a single or two to stay on the radio during the Christmas season. Luke Bryan’s version of “O Holy Night” came out this year, and he shows off all aspects of his mega superstar country voice.

Christmas music brings people together, starts traditions, and makes people get in the holiday spirit. It impacts people greatly and it is truthfully a great thing in the world (as long as it isn’t played year round, because some people don’t like that). It should be played after Thanksgiving to New Years, and it will get everybody in the holiday spirit. But there are some fanatics that will listen to it all year long, because Christmas music is truly something special.

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