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The aroma permeates through the room in every square inch of space, a smell almost every person adores. A smell that makes you instantly hungry by nature. The spices, the sauce, the dough: all comes together to make a wonderful creation. A creation that all nations crave and rave about, produced, created, and perfected over many years. From

the first to the last, every bite filled with an abounding amount of flavor. Obviously, this Italian dish is none other than pizza.

Originating from Italy, the story holds that the man who cooked the first pizza was Raffaele Esposito, who made the pizza for Queen Margherita of Savoy, pizza because of its simple tastiness, had to migrate to America, and did so when the first pizzeria in America opened up in 1905 in Manhattan, New York called Lombardi’s Pizza.

Musso’s Restaurant

We are very thankful for God blessing us with the creation of pizza, and here today I will be reviewing two slices from two different pizzerias in Exeter Township. The first on the list is Musso’s Restaurant, located on 4212 St Lawrence Avenue, Reading, Pa. As soon as I walked through the doors, it had that Italian feel to it. It is a tiny Italian Restaurant, but I believe that gives the pizzaria more of a sense of welcoming.

Time for the pizza: it took about five minutes to get my slice of cheese. First impressions: it was a large slice, larger than most, cheese was evenly distributed, looked like it had a crisp to it, but not burnt, which is always a positive. Also, it was a bit floppy. First bite: a little more chewy than I would like it to be, and there was definitely some grease to it, but overall texture just where it needed it to be.

As I continued, the pizza had really tasteful crisp to it that added more flavor, and the cheese had a certain an ingredient or spice to it that made the flavor pop. The sauce was evenly spread, but there could have more sauce. The sauce was not a sweet sauce like other some other types of pizza can be.

Finally, the crust was fresh and crispy, it was not made with too much dough. The pizza was cooked long enough to give the crust a nice crunch to it, but the crust could have used more flavor by adding more spices to it.

Overall, it was a solid slice of pizza: it was a generously full slice, the cheese had its own certain flavor with certain ingredient, which made it stand out, the sauce wasn’t special, but it was still solid, the pizza had a very nice crisp to it, which added more flavor. All in all, I highly recommend Musso’s Restaurant, and I believe their pizza is excellent. As a result, I will give Musso’s pizzeria an 8.137 (whole numbers are for rookies).

Sophia’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

This second place, Sophia’s, is located on the same street as Musso’s, at 3150 St Lawrence Avenue, Reading, Pa 19606. As I walked into the spacious restaurant, which includes a larger seating area than Musso’s, I noticed Halloween decorations, so they are quite festive if you are into that. However, Sophia’s did not have much of the Italian feel like Musso’s did.

As I opened up the brown bag with the slice of cheese pizza, it looked like a normal size slice. As I held it by the crust to see if the cheese would fall off, the cheese stayed put, but there was a small hiatus in the cheese in the center of slice. I looked on the bottom of the pizza and there was a small break in the middle as well. The first bite was chewy and there was somewhat of a crunch to it, but very little.There wasn’t an over-amount of sweetness to the sauce, but just enough to add a good dose to the pizza. The cheese was okay; nothing wrong with it besides its slight break. As I got to the crust, it was on the softer side, and could have been cooked longer to add more of a crunch.

Overall, the pizza was okay. The break in the cheese does not help its case. More sauce could have helped, but the sauce was solid and had a tasteful flavor throughout. The pizza was on the softer side as well as crust, but there was a slight crisp, which was satisfying when it was there. As a result, Sophia’s could very likely have better items on the menu like sandwiches or speciality pizzas, but the pizza was only just okay, with a score of 6.317.

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    1. Thank you I really appreciate it! Yeah Musso’s has great varieties for a great and reasonable price! Their chicken cheese steaks with sauce and onions and cheese fries are my favorite item at Musso’s!

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