Extra-Curricular Insanity with Drew Keylor

While doing a Bible project that was due the next day, senior Drew Keylor decided to play some Mario Kart theme music to keep him focused. He found a half hour loop of the same song and when it was over, he played the next suggested song. Suddenly, it was six thirty in the morning, but the project was done.

Drew might not always need to pull all-nighters in order to finish assignments, but his busy schedule does require him to sometimes scramble to get work done on time. In addition to his schoolwork, he is also involved in sports and drama.

Drew chose to play basketball because he likes playing with other people and the competitive aspect of competing against other teams. He likes watching both the team and himself improve throughout the season and seeing  a group of people learn to cooperate and work through challenges together. This teamwork developed throughout all of basketball season, which started in December with regular season games scheduled until the middle of February.

That schedule was extended this year with the varsity boys making appearances in league, districts, and state playoffs. Their final game took place on Friday, March 9th, just a couple weeks before the premiere of Seussical: The Musical, Drew’s other major winter/spring extracurricular activity. Drew had to miss portions of rehearsals, which started in January, for basketball practices and games.

Initially, Drew was nervous about playing Horton, one of the lead roles in the musical. Then, he realized if he trusted himself, he would be able to do it. Over the course of this play season he has realized, “If you enjoy doing something, it is ok if others laugh at you while you do it.”

On top of extracurricular activities, it is ideal to stay on top of curriculum as well. Wanting to take extra courses for the experience and exposure, Drew decided to take a fourth science credit because he wants to major in something along those lines in college. Even though it’s a lot of work, Drew is really glad he’s doing it now because he would rather spend high school getting pre-knowledge and more preparation for courses he will probably end up taking in college.

Drew’s advice is to keep going despite it sometimes getting hard. The effort is worth it in the end and it will hurt more by not doing it. Drew’s advice is to push through when it’s not going well, and not to be hesitant to take on challenges.

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