Fall Fun

Fall is here! Sweater weather, pumpkin flavored everything, leaves falling, and orange pumpkins everywhere. I gave a survey to some of the high schoolers and middle schoolers asking for some of their favorite fall activities. The most popular answer was corn mazes, and second was hayrides.


My dad does a hayride every year for my church’s “fall night”. He tells scary stories and has the older kids dress up and jump out at special spots. One of my favorite things during these events is square dancing, which is guided by teachers who show us how to do the steps. But my favorite two fall activities overall are pumpkin carving and trick or treating.


Andrew and Kristin Keylor and I carved pumpkins on Saturday. I carved a Moon with a bat and pumpkin. Andrew carved a scary laughing face and Kristin carved a flower. Andrew Keylor said, “I enjoyed spending time carving pumpkins with my sister and Anna. It was also fun because my carving turned out fairly decent, if I say so myself.”

A lot of BCS students recommended Weaver’s Orchard. There is a lot of fun things to do at Weaver’s like pumpkin or apple picking, hayrides, and more. During the fall, they also have Family Fun Days, which include live music, food, and games for kids.


Many people also enjoy taking cute fall photos. My favorite location to take fall photos is St. Peter’s Village in Chester County, about 20 minutes away from the school. It is a tiny village that has wonderful old shops and walking paths in the middle of nowhere. During fall, it reminds me of the old Disney movie Halloweentown. Also, for people who love hiking, there is a perfect trail for you there. It has huge rocks to climb on in the river, plus trails through the forest. 

Last but not least: to complete your fall bucket list is trick or treating! All throughout the United States, kids and adults dress up as anything they want. Last year, my best friend and I dressed up as “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” from The Cat and The Hat”. I am hoping this year to be a “Pink Lady” from the classic Grease.

I hope you all have a wonderful time this fall and complete that seasonal bucket list. If you have any other fun things or places to go this fall, leave a comment below. Also, I would love to hear what everyone is dressing up as for Halloween, so leave a comment and thanks for reading!  

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