fOURth Quarter

As third quarter comes to a screeching halt, fourth quarter will be here before we can blink. Students have been slaving over school work for the past one hundred thirty some odd days. Grades may be tumbling down, but no need to fear, the end is near.
Spring is in the air! It is a time for new beginnings. Starting fresh, enjoy the clean slate for you and your grades. Fourth quarter is the last chance you have to boost your grade point average. It is easy to ignore the repulsive fact that there are a billion and one assignments due before summer break; however, every assignment matters. Every homework, every test, and every quiz is an opportunity to improve. We are seventy five percent done, why stop now?

“This year has been long, and although it feels like it is taking forever, it’s almost over and it’s too legit to quit”- Matthew Bercek, 10th grade. As Matt said, granted the fact this year is going by as slow as molasses for most of us, the good news is it’s a marvelous year. This year is going great, and it’s almost over! Don’t quit now. Be “legit” and keep persevering as the days literally get longer.

“I keep going because I care about my grades. Although I am busy and the weather is getting nicer I’m not going to give up on my schoolwork.”- Drew Keylor, 11th grade. Drew has been working hard, and he is ready for the final stretch. Persevering through the fourth quarter is what makes or breaks your grades. Don’t give up and throw out all the hard work you did all year. Dedicate yourself to school for just a few more weeks. Don’t worry summer will come, I promise!

“I’m ready to be done. Eleven weeks.”- Matt Follweiler 12th grade. Matt has been through so many fourth quarters that he knows he’s ready to graduate. In eleven short weeks, Matt Follweiler will graduate from Berks Christian School because he has given it his all for the past thirteen years here! He sees the end in site and is running towards it.

Take the advice of your teachers and fellow classmates. Keep up the hard work! This final quarter your last chance to be a good student,
last chance to improve your grades, and last chance to make the most out of the year. Make this year better than ever, not just by enduring the last eleven weeks before summer vacation, but by finishing strong.

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