Fresh Fall Fashion

As the fall season approaches, the comfy, warm, and stylish outfits come out to play and most importantly: FALL LAYERS! Multiple layers will come out, along with riding boots, high knitted socks, sweaters, and green army jackets. Even though they do not look bad, they can be overused. Try to mix it up as much as possible and add in fall colors like red, orange, burgundy, and goldish-yellow with a nice button-up and sweater. Pinterest is a go-to resource that will always help you get out of that “basic fall clothing” section in your closet.  

You always have to consider what shoes you are going to pair with your outfits, and the hairstyles you plan on doing. These things complete the whole look. That way you can inspire other people’s fashion sense or help them bring their fall clothing up to a ten out of ten. Include your friends on the trend of leather jackets, knitted scarves, booties, flannels,  and nice dress shoes. However, with all the cute clothes that come out to play, there are some major  “Do’s and Dont’s” :

  • DO NOT layer more than 2 things
  • DO make sure you are comfy and cute: you do not want to be uncomfortable for the whole day
  • DO use jewelry to accentuate wardrobe basics ( watches, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc).

Big comfy clothing comes with the cooler weather as well. People just want to be warm and comfortable and look good, but then again, who would not want that? Oversized sweaters or shirts are a good way to achieve this. These items pair great with leggings and riding boots, and this would be a good time to take out some high knitted socks. For men, nice dress pants and a collared shirt with a nice sweater and a trench coat to finish it off would be fantastic for fall weather.

This has to be my favorite season, and not just because of fall activities like pumpkin carving, apple picking, and cute outdoor pictures with the colored leaves and beautiful scenery. This my favorite time of year because of the way we can finally dress.

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  1. I struggle with fall fashion because it’s not cold enough to wear a winter coat every day, and I’m always over and under dressing. Good advice.

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