Getting to Know Liliana Mendez

As the years go by, meeting new people is inevitable, especially when it comes to school, sports, work, or any other activities. Some of these people change our lives, some teach you new things, others become a part of your life for a very long period of time. This is what makes creating connections and having relationships so worth it. However, there are so many people whom we see everyday and don’t really know much about them, especially when it comes to school. Being surrounded by so many students of different ages makes it almost impossible to get to know everyone.

Seniors have three months left of being in this school and then real life will come and take them away. In between college applications, jobs, homework, and any extracurricular activities, it is so hard to get to know any of the seniors before they leave. That being the case, let’s make it easier to get to know Liliana Mendez, a senior this year and also a new student at Berks Christian, by reading about her life before becoming a part of the BCS pride of lions.

Lily  attended three schools before coming to BCS. She went to 13th and Union from kindergarten to 2nd grade, then to Exeter Junior High and Exeter High School until 9th grade. She then moved to Texas for two years where she attended Central High in 10th and 11th grade. Finally, she moved back and is currently a Berks Christian student. Each school she has been a part of was unique in its own way. They have all somehow shaped who she is today.

Liliana says, “I’ve learned to be more aggressive to things quicker.” Because of all the change she has faced in her life, she is now used to it and is able to be strong through different situations, whereas, if she hadn’t had all of the change she would probably be more sensitive to things.

The biggest change for her was going from Pennsylvania all the way down to Texas. She says, “It was a complete cultural shock.” The people seemed to be a lot friendlier there, the weather was so different, and the fact that Texas was an overall faith-based culture made the environment different than what she was used to here in Pennsylvania. But in a short amount of time, she already had a group of people to call her friends for two years. This is a big reason as to why she would’ve really enjoyed graduating with all of her friends there. She was used to her life the way it was in Texas, so moving back was another big difference.

She had always gone to a public school with hundreds of people walking down the halls, most of them who she didn’t even know. However, coming back and being a part of BCS’ family was something completely different than what she expected. Lily was scared that she might not be able to fit in or make friends fast enough to make her senior year as great as possible, but it was the complete opposite. She likes the fact that it is a Christian-based school, which reminds her of Texas. The students and teachers are kind to her as well, making her transition less dramatic than it might have been. It has been a crazy couple of years for her and there are a lot more to come, but this change has helped her grow up to be the person we know today.

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