Grandparents Day 2017

Grandparents Day is an annual event that the school organizes so that students can spend time with their grandparents inside of school. Last Wednesday, November 22nd, students gathered at the gym early in the morning and were able to sit, eat breakfast, and chat for a little with them and everyone else. Then later that morning, each student was sent back to their perspective classes with their grandparents and classmates to play different games and share stories. Being separated into smaller groups allowed the multiple families to get to know each other by sharing memories, ideas, and thoughts with their whole class.

As a whole school, we try to be one big family throughout the year and Grandparents Day is always a very good example of how we try to do this. Like previous years, some grades had games for kids and their grandparents to play with the rest of the class. In the math room, the intense speed drill worksheets were given out from the wonderful math teacher Mrs. Klase. The worksheets strengthen math skills by using math facts and you have to solve them in a certain amount of time. The goal is to try to beat the time, which makes it super intense. Mrs. Klase is known for handing these out, it is a Grandparents Day tradition.

After this time, the day culminated in an all-school chapel where we all came together again to listen to the word of God before we were dismissed. Elementary and middle school students performed some songs like the “Grandparent Alphabet” and a dance by Amara and Bryanna in 6th grade which they had worked on for a while. The students wanted to show their grandparents how thankful they are for them and all they do.

Although a day like this might be a little bit chaotic, it is still fun when all grades come together and do something as a whole. Having a special event like this every year creates a tradition where memories are made and special bonds are made stronger. It is important that our families stay involved in our lives, and what better way than to come together before Thanksgiving to enjoy our grandparents along with our friends.

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