Homecoming 2017

Homecoming is October: 7th save the date because it’s the place to be. Homecoming has been a yearly tradition here at BCS and is a place to have fun with all your friends and family. The event starts at 9:30am and ends at 3:00pm.

To start off the event, we will be hosting the ‘Quarter auction’. During that time you can bid to win prizes such as class baskets, unique “Teacher Experiences” and gift cards. The class baskets are different for each grade. For example, Tenth Grade’s basket will be a movie night themed  basket, whereas Fifth Grade’s basket will be all about sports.

‘Teacher Experiences’ are where you have the opportunity to spend time with a teacher doing the certain activity that they have chosen. For example, Mrs. Wengryn and Miss Musselman will be offering Pizza, movie and ice cream for 6 students, and Miss Klase will be taking five students to Shady Maple for breakfast. Lastly, you can win gift cards from many places like Applebee’s, Dave Zerbe’s Studio, Giant, or even Gold’s Gym.

However, the quarter auction isn’t the only thing to do at Homecoming. You can go to game booths and watch the volleyball games, all of which happens after the auction. Everyone, no matter what age, is invited to come enjoy these activities. The booths will be set up in different rooms. You have the chance to win a fish, candy, and pick a teacher to get their face pied (but everyone knows Mr. Rossi’s going to keep his streak alive). You will also have the chance to get your face painted. Tate Moll, senior, says that this is his favorite part of Homecoming.

To do all these activities, you will need tickets which you can easily purchase at the entrance of the gym throughout the day. During this time you can also grab a bite to eat, as there will be food throughout the whole day.

At 1:30pm you can head on over and see the first volleyball game of the day! The Middle School girls will play Salem Christian, followed by the Varsity game against Salem as well. Following that, the Alumni that will play a game vs. the BCS staff. That game is a highly enjoyed part of Homecoming, especially to another one of our seniors, Anna Mcgrath. Anna says, “I think the Alumni game is the best part of Homecoming because you can see the Alumni come back. I can’t wait to be able to come back and do that.” 

Homecoming is truly an amazing experience that you can share with all your family and friends, so save the date and join us on October 7th to experience a fun BCS Homecoming!

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