How To Get Free Food

Many people would agree that the only thing in this world better then food is free food. Surprisingly, students eagerly requested a how-to on getting free food. Whether that request was serious or not, you will be educated on humorous yet effective methods to obtain food for no cost. So how do you satisfy your hunger on a budget?

Free Samples

Possibly the most efficient method, eating free samples may provide a decent size meal with a wide variety.Many people won’t take multiple free samples because they are embarrassed and afraid of what the worker handing out the samples will do or say. Tate Moll, senior, has an interesting story that may contain useful insights to solving your problem. While shopping at Costco, he noticed a beef jerky stand with free samples. Once it was his turn in line, he said to the lady, “I’m going to get back in line like 5 times, so could I just take 5 samples now?” She responded, “Sure.” His advice is to ask nicely and hopefully they will let you.

Back of Receipts


If you have ever looked at your receipt from a fast food chain, you have probably noticed a survey on the back. After you complete the survey and writing down the code you can get free food on your next purchase. If you’re anything like me you’ll spend 10 minutes completing the survey while eating your meal and then never end up using the coupon. Although, if you remember it, there are really good deals for free food. Isaac Fabian, former Arby’s employee, said “You don’t have to complete the survey to get the free food, you just have to write down a random 5-digit number. They do not verify the code.”

Eating Competitions

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Eating competitions may not be the most efficient, but have the greatest outcome. If you are hungry now, you might want to consider another strategy as competitions are planned in advance. Eating competitions are great is because it allows you to eat an immense quantity of food, and the possibility to win money to buy more food. But there are many negative factors to eating competitions. Inhaling food at such a rate may result in choking and weight gain. Additionally, eating competitions are only useful if you are preparing for hibernation.


As a warning, foraging for food is a last result as it may cause sickness and is probably illegal, but have you seen how much food restaurants throw away? If you are desperate for food, this may be your best option. Mr. Smith described his experience from college. As a student on a budget, it may be hard to afford food other than Ramen Noodles. So Mr. Smith, along with a couple friends, decided they would look in the Dunkin’ Donuts dumpster to see what they could find. After digging through the garbage, they left with bags of donuts and bagels. He also advised that the best time to dumpster dive for food is after a natural disaster. This is because if the restaurant lost power, their refrigerators would not be running, forcing them to throw all their food away.*

Now that you know the most effective ways to get free food you will never have to get your arm stuck in vending machines or ask everybody in the cafeteria for a quarter again. With a little practice, you will never be hungry. You can now be the one at the lunch table with all the best food, and everybody will be asking you to share one of your bagels from Dunkin’ Donuts.

* The Logic does not claim responsibility for any incidents or medical bills resulting from the attempt of these strategies. This article is for educational purposes only, do not try this at home!

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  1. Fun article, Ian. If you are good at couponing you can get free food as well. If something is on sale for less than a dollar, then you have $1 OFF coupon, you can get paid to take that item out of the store. It takes practice, collecting coupons and watching for the right sales though. If you really are hungry the Greater Reading Food Bank is there to help and you can get free food every month.

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