Huntin’, Fishin’, n Lovin’ [The Outdoors] E’ryday

The world that we live in is filled with many wonders. The universe is so finely tuned and is wonderful to look at. One of the best ways to experience God’s creation is in the outdoors. If it’s hiking, hunting, fishing, playing, or just walking, it is truly amazing to be outside. I interviewed Ian Fabian, junior, to learn from a fisherman and hunter what catching fish, being outside, and watching the woods wake up mean to him. I also wanted to see why he likes to be out there to carry on parts of our American heritage that dates all the way back to the colonists and Native Americans.

Ian first became fascinated with the outdoors from vacation. Since he was born, he has gone to Maine every year, where his love for the outdoors began. He was about four years old when he started to fish. He remembers he used a Spiderman fishing rod and loved fishing with it. He wanted to fish at this young age because he watched his cousins bring back huge bass for a nice fish fry, or he would see them showing off their catches before releasing the fish back to the lake.

Ian’s love for fishing has only grown and now he is catching monster bass on his own up in Maine at his favorite spot: Lake Pennesseewassee. The biggest bass he ever caught was twenty inches when he and his brother Eli were fishing on the boat together on July 4th evening in 2016. He told the story of an epic battle reeling in this monster. As the sun was setting, they slowly headed to the dock with his line in the water. He was holding his rod and thought he snagged on a tree branch but oh no: its was a fat bass. He battled as Eli excitedly watched the epic eventual victory, and they were so pumped to have another fish in the boat.

Ian’s love for fishing led to his love for hunting. He told me that they are similar in how you can relax in nature, watch the lake or woods wake up, and then have adrenaline kick in when you get that big bass or deer. I asked him what it meant to carry on the heritage of hunting and fishing. He says that it is very important and it has to be continued. He wants to pass it on.

Ian said that the outdoors are great because there is always something new to try. For him, it would be fly-fishing and going on a moose hunt in Alaska. He says it is a necessity for him to live near or on a lake and hunting land. He says he feels the closest to God when he is sitting in a tree stand and watching the woods wake up, explaining that there is no other experience like it. He also says that if you like the outdoors, try new stuff like going hunting or fishing with someone experienced. Whether or not you enjoy the actual hunting or fishing, the outdoors can be a great experience for anyone.

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