Hurricane Season 2017

  Within the past several weeks, hurricanes struck across Florida, Texas and other surrounding areas. This hurricane season made 2017 one of the top 10 busiest hurricane seasons. The main hurricanes of this season were Harvey, Irma, and Maria, which effected Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico. All of these storms caused flooding, destruction of property, and loss of many lives.

  Each of these hurricanes are put into a ‘category’ on a scale of 1-5. This scale was created by Saffir, who was an engineer, and Simpson, who was the director of the National Hurricane Center. Saffir created the scale, and then Simpson expanded on the idea. The scale ranks a hurricane based off of two factors: how many miles per hour the winds are travelling and how much damage the hurricane causes. Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane, while Irma and Maria were Category 5 hurricanes.

      All three storms have caused a lot of damage, each of them costing a lot of money. Hurricane Harvey caused an estimated $180 billion in damages. Irma caused about $150 to $200 billion in damages in Florida and Texas. Hurricane Maria is estimated to have caused around $95 – $100 billion in damages in Puerto Rico. Along with the damage, lives have been lost in these hurricanes as well. Recovery progress has been started by various companies which aim to help them by cleaning the wreckage, taking care of sick or injured victims, or providing food and clothing to other victims.

     After all of this chaos, we should want to help. We can support the victims by donating to organizations that are helping with the recovery. Some of these organizations include Samaritan’s Purse or Convoy of Hope. Another thing we can do is pray. Prayer is very powerful, and we should we praying for the safety of the people affected by the hurricanes, as well for those who have lost family and friends. We should also pray that God uses this as an opportunity for ministries to reach out to the people and spread the Gospel news.

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