Is Embiid Worth $148 Million?

The Philadelphia 76ers recently signed young star Joel Embiid to a 5 year, 148 million dollar contract. The 76ers showed how much of a trust they have that Embiid will show results. No matter how talented he is, this is still a big risk to put that much money into a young player that is injury prone. Brian Colangelo, who is the president of basketball operations for the 76ers, is really rolling the dice. He stated that his reason for doing the deal was because you do not see a talent like that all the time. But with the hype behind Joel Embiid, it really gave them no choice. Embiid has been fulfilling the hype so far, but we will see how he plays this season.

The Sixers seem to be very cautious with him. Embiid has not been cleared by the 76ers staff to play back-to-back games. Joel was asked about how he felt not being able to play two games in a row. He said I just want to feel like an NBA player,” he said. “I feel like I’m not an NBA player because I can’t play back-to-back.”

This is not the first time that Joel got angry at his minute restriction. Just like most Philadelphia fans, he is not too happy to hear that he will have to sit more games. Most NBA teams would have let him play full time. The 76ers have been known to hold back players from playing because of injuries. The team seems to be playing it safe because they don’t want to lose another star player to injuries, especially now after that contract.

As of press time, the Sixers have played their first four games of the 17-18 season. The first game, Joel Embiid scored a solid 18 points and had 13 rebounds against the Washington Wizards. The second game, the Sixers faced the Celtics, who will likely be one of the few tough teams in the Eastern Conference. Joel had fewer points but made it up in rebounds. He had 11 points with 14 rebounds to end the night. On Monday night against the Pistons, he had 30 points.

Embiid has only played in 34 games since the 76ers drafted him as the third overall pick in 2014. If you ask fans if he is worth 148 million, most will say yes because he has been one of the most hyped up players in a while. All we can do now is wait and see. Trust the process.



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