Keeping Book For Basketball

Keeping the scorebook for varsity basketball games is like it’s own type of code language: an elaborate system of marks and tallies. When that system gets messed up, it becomes really hard to keep track of the rest of the game. Because of this when I keep book, I’m the only one who writes in it. No one touches the book but me because there is a system and no one messes with The System.

The refs check the book before the game to make sure they are on the same page with the scorekeepers. They get a little restless when it’s not filled out in time. I try to avoid letting this happen, but occasionally time runs short. One ref, instead of waiting patiently for me to finish, decided to take matters into his own hands and picked up my book and finished it for me. What he didn’t realize was that I was already done, but instead of listening to me, he told me to “calm down” and proceeded to put slash marks over information I would need to refer back to later in the game. Between the two of us, he was the one who needed to calm down. I was irked. Later, he came to me asking for stats and I had trouble figuring them out because he had scribbled all over them like a toddler with a crayon in the hallways.


Dealing with officials who are way too into their job can be trying at times. However, there are some moments from the table that turn out to be entertaining.

At the home game against High Point, Isaiah Egziabher, junior, was running down the court when his shoe suddenly wasn’t running with him. Usually, the refs would stop the game, glare a bit judgingly, and the entire crowd would watch the player retie his sneaker. But in this case, the game continued and Isaiah needed to get back on defense. So defense he played, but it proved quite a task with no traction. Things got progressively worse until finally the refs blew the play dead.

At this point, Isaiah was halfway across the court from his abandoned sneaker. Thankfully, Matt Henderson, junior, decided to help him out by throwing him his shoe. Not so thankfully, he hit a player from High Point. Mr. Godsey, pacing up and down the sideline like a caged lion, hysterically declared to the players on the bench, “College basketball. I could be coaching college basketball and instead I’m here where people are throwing shoes at each other.”

In the meantime, more basketball is coming this week. We hope a lot of people will come out and support the guys as they make a playoff run [starting tonight, Monday, 2/12 @ 7pm]. Shenanigans both on and off court are likely to ensue.

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