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Recently, many little kids have been using smartphones. Usually, the reason is that parents can check if they are safe or contact them. But I think these all are just excuses. My mom said, “Smartphones are little, expensive, useful trash.” She thinks that smartphones are definitely useful but make us lazy and stupid. However, they are convenient.

I agree, but at least people need to be careful, especially with children. If parents let kids have their own or let them use their phone, kids will not read any books or hangout with their friends. They will just keep looking at that tiny screen. They will not be doing any outdoor activities.

I think kids need to play around: feel the grass, look at ants, run with their dogs, etc. I grew up in that environment. I love to read books, and I love my dogs. If we give a smartphone to little kids, those kids might have no good memories with their beautiful environment. This world has a lot of fun things other than that stupid, little smartphone.

I interviewed some parents of little kids. First I interviewed my host parents. They told me they provided a smartphone for their kids in high school or at eighteen years old. It makes sense because they were living in a different generation.  They have three grandkids so I asked about when they will get their own smartphones. They said middle school would be good to give them a “smartphone”. Each generation is different.

I also asked these questions to Mrs. Vrankin. She has a one year old son. She said she wants to give him a smartphone in middle school, because if they will get into any sports or study groups, they will need a smartphone. Lastly, I interviewed Mr Lenick. He has three children and his opinion was a little bit different. He wants to let them have their own smartphone in high school at the earliest. He said, “A smartphone is a little computer,” and he doesn’t want to provide them with their own computer. He also said, “It can be good but this is a problem.” He wants his children to play with their friends, not the smart phone. I really agree with his opinion.

According to some parents, a smartphone is not a really good thing for little kids. That little device gets in the way of making actual memories with others. If you want to see more examples of negative influences of smartphone, click here or here. But now the percentage of children under eight with access to a smartphone or tablet has jumped from half (52%) to three-quarters (75%), so I totally understand the parent’s opinions.  

But I thought I needed to ask about this subject to kids too. So I interviewed them and asked when they wanted to get a smartphone. 90% of kids interviewed answered that when they will be 10 years old, they deserve to get their own smartphone. 10% of people said 18 years old. So most kids want to get their own phone earlier than their parent’s expectation.

I can understand both opinions. Generations are going to be different, and today’s kids might need to get their smartphones earlier. But I recommend to them to read a book, or hangout with your friends, or find your interest in a sport. These can be good memories, but smartphones are not. When you want to get friends at school but just keep looking at your phone, you won’t get any friends. So instead, let’s do something active and improve ourselves!

This recommendation is not only for kids. Now many adults are involved in this smartphone problem. I hope people put down their phones and spend your time with your family or friends!

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  1. I have very strong opinions about this too. Before smart phones we got picked up from sports events, we didn’t get lost every time we went out driving and we made plans with friends when we were with them at school. We weren’t at all deprived. I agree with your argument that those with phones are depriving themselves of nature and friendships, of in-depth conversations and the ability to have an attention span.

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