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Even though Berks Christian School may be small in number, we may not all know each other. Seeing the need for leadership in our student body, upperclassmen have taken additional steps to reach our school’s young students. During this semester, high schoolers have mentored and led the school during Leadership Legacy groups, our Operation Christmas Child field trip, and combined chapels. These activities have helped unify the school.

Leadership Legacy takes place every Thursday, where an 11th or 12th grader meets with an elementary student to mentor them. This is a great opportunity for these young kids to have a role model that will make a positive influence in their life. Ms. Klase describes her vision for these students, saying, “My vision for Leadership Legacy is that students would make a connection, not only this year, but to create a connection for a long term legacy.” Together, the kids and teenagers complete crafts such as a Christmas paper chain, Grandparents Day invitation, coloring pages, and even an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.

In order to be a blessing to less fortunate children around the globe, Leadership Legacy put together shoe boxes full of toys, essentials, and scripture to be sent off to Operation Christmas Child. To do this, all Kindergarten-5th, 11th, and 12th grade students got on a bus and went to Dollar Tree to purchase all the supplies. You could imagine just how chaotic this event could have been, but to paint an even better picture, Tate Moll describes what he experienced as “an exciting dangerous time to be with the kids, but also knowing in the back of my mind, that the bus was a ticking time bomb. It erupted when we walked into the dollar store. Jose (the youngin’ I was responsible for) grabbed a plunger off the shelf and began to hit me with it. Eventually the trip ended kind of well: we got all the items needed for the shoebox, but sadly Jose couldn´t force the plunger in the box.” In the end it was all worth it, the students had a great time working together, and a few more children will receive some awesome Christmas presents while hearing about Jesus.

So you may wonder about the other older kids: do they participate in any of this? The answer is yes! Once a month, there is a combined chapel with the whole school. These chapels usually consist of some sort of interactive activity where each member of the group gets to know one another.

The addition of Leadership Legacy and combined chapels has made an extraordinary impact on the young students of BCS. It is the hope of these mentors that the time spent with these kids will help them become responsible Christians. With the continuation of leadership like this, BCS can become an even more united family.

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  1. I agree that Leadership Legacy has been an awesome addition to our community life. Thank you, Ian, for such an excellently written article!

  2. Great writing Ian! I’ve heard the young ‘uns talking about this and how much they enjoy it. It’s a special time.

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