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Wings: their appetizing look can make anyone´s mouth water. Tastebuds are brought to life by only the aroma of them. Just to see the evenly distributed sauce cover a wing so amazingly brings hunger to any reasonable human being. Whether breaded, deep fried, or smoked, all three intricate techniques are just as appealing as the other.  A feeling of accomplishment fills your body when you finish off a whole plate of these bad boys. Originating in Buffalo, New York, the buffalo wing was invented by Teressa Bellissimo at Anchor Bar in 1964, and they are still a part of America’s pastime.

Liberty Taproom

Fast forward to 2017, and the buffalo wing has only gotten better. Today I will be reviewing wings from Liberty Taproom located on 237 N Prospect Street Reading, PA (on the border of Exeter and Antietam). Liberty Taproom has a homey, winter lodge-type of atmosphere, but best of all, they have all you can eat wings on Mondays. Over the course of my time there I tried five different wing flavors.

The mao tse tung wings were a chinese flavor sauce with only a hint of sweetness. Although the Mao tse tung flavor is a hard one to put into words, it had to be one of my favorite wing flavors I ever had.

The white heat sauce was a buffalo mixed with ranch flavor. There was an equal distribution of both buffalo and ranch to make the wing have just enough spice, but not too much that would make it unenjoyable. I believe mixing ranch into the buffalo sauce was a great touch. It was the opposite of spicy, but it was not sweet either.   

Next flavor was the boom boom. This wing flavor tasted like a different style of buffalo. They were packed with zest, and can be described as a bit tangy with a buffalo flavor without the spiciness.

If you are into sweet flavored foods, then the honey mustard wing flavor is just for you. This flavor was the sweetest sauce that I had, and it was solid. The set of honey mustard wings had the most sauce out of all the wings I tried, and the wings and the basket that it came in was drenched with honey mustard sauce, which added even more flavor for this style of chicken wing.

Lastly, just to give it a try and say that I did it, I tried the hottest wing flavor that Liberty Taproom serves: “XXX hot”, made with ghost pepper. When these wings were brought, the smell of these bad boys permeated through the air into my nostrils, and as a result my eyes began to water. I took the first bite, and things were great: the XXX hot wings didn’t seem that spicy at all. But I had spoken way too soon, and by the end of the first bite it felt like someone lit a whole pack of matches on my tongue. Not even water could cool my mouth down from this extreme heat wave within me. This was definitely the spiciest wing I ever eaten, and I only took one bite.  If you are looking for spicy, then the XXX hot is right up your alley.

Overall, the Liberty Taproom is a great place to get a bite to eat. Also, the restaurant has many TVs, so it is a great place to catch a game and throw down some wings. I believe the best time to go is for all you can eat wings on Mondays, and you can watch the NFL Monday night football game as well. If you want to go when it is not crowded and the service will be speedy, then I would go at anytime between 3-6:30 P.M.

All in all, Liberty Taproom wings are some of the best I ever had, if not THE best I have ever had. Their wings are gigantic and are filled with a generous amount of meat. Also, the variety of flavors that are on the menu brings Liberty Taproom their own style. Therefore, I will rate the wings at Liberty Taproom a 9.3.

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