Love Your Self

Self-love is loving who you are, what you do, and what will give you complete and full happiness. I believe this is a very important practice. Self-love is a tough process with many steps and motions. Not every step might be for you. But if you want to fully love who you are,love what you do ,and be happy in everything life throws at you, then I strongly think you should listen to some of the tips in this article.

Loving who you are and how you look, feel, and view your life is one of the best feelings in the world. If you learn how to do that, then life goes easier and feels better. Loving yourself doesn’t exactly mean loving what you look like, but how you view your looks. You might not have perfect skin or you might not like your nose or freckles. But self-love says to not hate your whole self just because of that one thing. Instead, learn to embrace that one thing.

This is getting harder and harder to learn. This world is filled with people that focus on their flaws because of what society says is “perfect”: models and superstars. We do not look up to our grandmothers or grandfathers anymore, but we idolize fake people who live within themselves, not caring about the world or others.

Rather than focusing on what others say, think about what you want in life. Life never goes perfect, but if you have a positive view on everything that happens, even if it is not what you wanted, we should know as Christians that there is always a reason for it happening.

Ways that you can practice self-love:  Take care of your body, move around, exercise, go on walks, and view the world around you. Another thing you can do is write positive notes to yourself or say things you love about yourself to yourself everyday. Give an hour of your time everyday to something you want to do. Something that makes you happy in life doesn’t have to be anything big. Do not surround yourself with negative people that only make fun of you or others, and show kindness to others.

There are so many other ways you can practice self-love, these were only a few. This website, 30 Ways to Practice Self-love, has some more tips, and there are a lot of YouTubers that have channels on self-love too.

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