Maryed’s Senior Year Experience

Senior year can go so many different ways, but for Maryed Saint-Hilaire, things are going very well so far. She says that this is the best year she has had at Berks Christian School (BCS) since she’s moved here in 2014. Maryed says that coming here in ninth grade was awkward because everyone knew each other and grew up with one another. She explained that in 10th grade she didn’t have many friends because she didn’t want to expand her horizon of friends. When it was time for her junior year, she moved to Texas and came back halfway into the year, saying, “It made me and my classmates grow together more.” This year, 12th grade, they became a true family, and she loves that.

Before attending BCS, Maryed was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I asked if she would have wanted to finish school in her home country. “Honestly I wish I would have started here (at BCS) and would have just gone throughout the experience everyone else went through.” She explained later that she wants a closer relationship with everyone, and to be able to say that she grew up with them and is now graduating with them. But she still has favorite memories and things to do with her class. “I absolutely adore our friend group,” Maryed says. “We all hang out and have a genuinely good time in each others presence.” She appreciates her little family that she can trust with anything.

Being a senior in high school has advantages that underclassmen and middle schoolers don’t get. “It’s more laid back: not necessarily on class work, but our teachers aren’t just teachers. We can just find them as friends and go to them for advice.” Even though she wasn’t here kindergarten through 12th grade, she has many things she loves that her school does. Maryed says her favorite BCS tradition is retreat every year.  She says it is her favorite because it’s a great place to get closer to people you’d never think you would and to have fun even while still in school. “Most schools don’t have the privilege to go out and sleepover and spend the night with a whole bunch of people getting closer to God.”

“Senior year is going to be my favorite year by far, I can already tell with what’s in store and how it’s already been. When people ask me what my favorite year was in high school, this is it.”

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