Mr. Rossi’s Side Hustle

Middle schooler Steven Rossi was looking for something to do. Web design sparked his interest, and he and his buddies began teaching themselves web design. What began as a fun hobby in high school quickly turned into Mr. Rossi’s side hustle through and after college: developing and coding websites for many clients.  Mr. Rossi progressively learned web design on his own, never taking classes for HTML coding.

Rossi does not specifically remember his first website that he developed, saying, “It was probably a bunch of goof-off sample websites I made for myself.” The website that stands out most to Mr. Rossi is the website he developed and still actively maintains for his wife’s quilt and sewing designs. Because of its flexibility and many features, including a shop and an actively maintained blog, it is one of Mr. Rossi’s favorites. Also, this website did not take him the most time out of all his websites, but this one does the most in terms of functions.

Many websites that Mr. Rossi develops are for small businesses, including one developed for a church that contains a lot functions similar to his wife’s site. Typically, clients who come to him do not know much about coding, and they come to him with the design or drawing of how they would like the website to look. In their first meeting, Mr. Rossi would get a list of everything they want in their website. Then he has a designer make three different designs for the site, and his client chooses their favorite from the three. Finally, Mr. Rossi does all the  coding. The average time it takes him to finalize and code a website is between 20-30 hours, based off of how complex the website is.


When asked what he enjoy most about HTML or web coding, he says, “ I feel like I like the challenge of trying to figure out how something works.” Something small could be wrong with the code, which has the ability to throw off the entire website if the coding is not written exactly correct. Mr. Rossi enjoys the challenge of getting the complex code exactly right organized, not only to make everything work, but so it looks neat as well.  

Lastly, Mr. Rossi said if he wasn’t doing web development a job, he would be interested in is teaching. “Yeah, teaching would probably be a job I’d be interested in doing. I don’t why anyone would want to be a teacher, but that seems like a job I would consider.”

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