Mystery Student #1

While you are reading this, you should try and guess who I am talking about. The person is a student here at Berks, and you will be reading about his hobbies, personality, family, how he looks and some school activities. It is going to be as difficult as a mystery midterm on math.

Let’s start with this person’s hobbies. This student likes superhero movies as much as bees love honey, and he is interested in regular superhero things such as comics and talking about them. He’s the biggest Marvel fan I know. The student also likes the Star Wars movies, including the originals, prequels, and the new current ones. He also likes other sci-fi and action movies.

This person is shorter than the average height. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a maroon shirt with a Berks logo on it and light colored khakis. I think it is an odd style.

All his brothers went to Berks, and his mother is a teacher here. He has three older brothers and one still goes here. This person has been going to BCS since kindergarten. “Hmm. I wonder who that is?” The student is his class’s chaplain. Since the person is chaplain, he is on student council. He is also in band and the basketball team.

People would describe him as funny. He is very positive in situations. He is described as smart by teachers and other students.

That is all the information on the student. I think I would’ve guessed by the third paragraph. I don’t know if you guessed right or not, but if you did, give yourself a pat on the back. If you still don’t know, scroll down.














Brayden Halter, 8th grade

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