Mystery Student #2

This is a Guess-Who-I-Am essay. I will give hints about this person, and your goal is to guess which student at Berks Christian School it is.

He loves music, plays in the band, and his handy horn is named Donald Trumpet. He loves trading Pokemon cards, and has a Hot Wheels antique car collection. One of the things this person loves to do is hanging out with the neighbors.

He has one brother and a dog named Ella, who is as energetic as a bunny. His cousin and some of his family live in Chicago, and his dad, who was in the Air Force collects cars.

He is 5ā€™8ā€ tall. You can find the person near a computer or TV, but mostly in front of a music stand. He and his brother love racing Matchbox cars down steep slopes and hitting each other with a crash. Since this person’s bedroom has a rectangle shape, he can make Matchbox and Hot Wheels vehicles fly with a swish down plastic orange track made into loops and slopes. His energetic dog chases the cars as they fly fast down long slopes of track. If it snows then he can make a car fly fast out the window into the snow for a soft landing.

He can easily be anyone’s friend. Kindness and calmness make up this person. I know he is kind because he can adjust his schedule if necessary for his friends. He is very flexible with his time with others. He is funny because he tells jokes with all of his friends.

Thank you for reading this article. If you want to know who the person is, keep scrolling. But there is no prize if you win or lose.















Answer: Josh Lutz.

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