New Books at the BCS Library

This year, we have added many books to the school’s library. We have tirelessly worked day and night, had many a fight with Renweb (pouring much sass and sarcasm into their chat room), tediously pulled stickers off spines…all in order to catalogue books and integrate them into our library system. Here are some samples from various sections of our library:

So We Read On is a nonfiction work unpacking the underappreciated aspects of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Written in 2014, Corrigan takes the overlaying plot of the Great Gatsby and shows the underlying points Fitzgerald was trying to make that many have missed.

Jillian, 5th grade, is excited to dive into this new edition of Little Women.

Little Women is about four sisters who each face their own problems. Each one supports and is supported by the others. Even when sibling arguments break out, Louisa May Alcott still shows the beauty of family unity.

The Hobbit takes place in a different world that existed long before this one with peoples that no longer exist, like hobbits and elves. The hobbit Bilbo, who practices conformity and daily schedule like a religion, suddenly finds himself on an adventure. He and his dwarf friends wander through dark woods, outsmart ogres, and pick fights with dragons all in attempt to reclaim what is theirs.

Fahrenheit 451 is set in the future when books are outlawed. Ray Bradbury commentates on the repercussions of defying cultural norms and shows an extreme scenario of culture’s addiction to media. The book follows Guy Montag as he struggles between submitting to culture’s strange laws and doing what he believes in.

The mysterious Squirrel Girl and her sidekick.

Squirrel Meets World is a novelization of the Marvel comic strip
Squirrel Girl. A teenage girl has the superpowers of a squirrel and is able to hide it until trouble comes along and she has to stop it. She then wonders if she should fully embrace her ability or continue to hide it from others.

One is a children’s book by Kathryn Otoshi that takes colors and numbers and uses them to convey people’s differences. Then, One comes along and takes on leadership and shows how to accept and comply with each other despite the differences. Otoshi shows small people that individual qualities should be appreciated and not hidden.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons is a children’s book about a cat named Pete. Pete is introduced while wearing a shirt with four sweet buttons on it. Go read the book to find out what Pete does when he is faced with the terrible tragedy of losing one fourth of his fashion statement.

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  1. I hope ‘One’ is there when I got to check it out. Looks interesting. Your article was very smooth and well written.

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