New Year, New Me(mes)

Memes have become a staple in today’s culture and are growing more in popularity across the Internet. Memes are commonly shared across the Internet  and can be seen as a type of inside joke between a group of people or for everyone. Memes are commonly a photo with some text on it related to the picture, and usually follow some sort of template. Other times, the photo will contain bad photoshopping, making the meme funnier. Some other forms of memes might be a video or a song. Accounts that are dedicated to posting memes are usually called meme accounts, and the people that run these accounts are usually called memers.

With a new year, it is only natural that we have new memes. To start off, we had Tide pod memes. This involved people saying they wanted to eat Tide pods because apparently they looked like candy. What they would do is take a picture of a plate with Tide pods and maybe decorate it with herbs or spices and say something like “bone app the teeth” instead of “bon appétit”.  The Tide pods later started to be called the “forbidden snack”. Because of the popularity of the meme, the Tide pod challenge started on YouTube and some have started to actually eat them. This caused the Tide company to have to tell people to not eat them, which is something they probably thought they wouldn’t ever have to say. Other people went as far as to sell donuts that are made to look like Tide pods, or make candies that look like them.  

Another meme that became popular in the new year was the Ugandan Knuckles saying “do you know da wae”. This meme originated from a virtual reality chat room where people could make their avatar, which is what represented them in the chatroom, to be whatever they wanted it to be. Someone made their avatar Knuckles from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series and went around to people saying “do you know da wae”. This started to become very popular and with most popular things, became a meme.



One of the most recent memes that appeared is the “touch my spaghet” meme. This meme originated from a part of  “The Three Bears”, which came out in 1939.. In one of the scenes, the bears walk into their room, only to see that someone had eating one of the bowls of spaghetti. When they see this, the father bear yells out, “Someone touch my spaghet!” People then started to use this part of the film and created a meme out of it.

            Memes can be a great source of humor if you understand them. Since memes are starting to become more popular in today’s culture, it is definitely fun to understand them and see new ones.


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