New Year Resolutions 2018

As the new year comes around, people love to evaluate the previous year and fix the things that they did not like by turning over a new leaf and making resolutions. However, resolutions are really hard to stick to and never seem to last. According to ‘Business Insider’, 80% of people can’t keep their resolutions the entire year, they can only keep them for around 6 weeks. Although people can never really keep them, we seem to all have similar goals. 

For example, most people make resolutions to eat healthier or stay fit. Another common resolution people make is to stay focused on themselves, their school work, or job. Also, some resolve to try to better themselves in an area of their lives they think needs fixing. For example, some people try to fix certain attitudes such as anger. They make a resolution to try to get irritated less and treat others kindly. These resolutions all seem very good and wise,  however it doesn’t matter how good or wise they may look if they are not truly going through with it. 

I had the chance to ask  people what their New Year’s resolutions were. Miss Klase said that her goal this year was to finish her masters degree. I also asked Mrs. Klase, who said she wanted to get back to the gym and spend more time with family. Mrs. Mountz’ goal is to always get things done by the end of the day and prepare for the next day with things like cleaning, reading the mail, and finishing the dishes. However,  most of the other people I asked said that they didn’t have one simply because they got tired of not being able to complete them.  The question now is: why can’t most of us keep resolutions?  

According to ‘Psychology Today’ a lot of people don’t follow through with their yearly goal because a lot of the time they can be unrealistic and not specific. When making resolutions, we need to be specific about what we are going to do, as well as be realistic. For example, Mr. Smither has the goal to read more during all of 2018, however to make that more specific he set the  number of books that he is going to read over a certain amount of time. Mr. Smither said, “I use an app called Goodreads to track the books I have read and want to read. In January, it prompts you to set a reading goal for the year. I’m going to try to finish 30 books by the end of 2018.”  Setting a goal like this is being realistic. People sometimes try going over the top with crazy numbers which makes the goal  harder to keep and can cause stress or simply make you give up. 

Setting goals is good as long as you keep them. If you have a New Year resolution, I encourage you to be realistic. Take it step by step, and get people (or even apps on your phone) to help you stay on top of your 2018 goals.

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