NFL Draft 2017

Football: one of America’s most iconic sports.  Every year, each team picks new players from a draft selection of college athletes. There are seven rounds of the draft and each of the thirty-two teams selects one player per round, meaning seven players for each team.The first round draft pick includes the more prestigious and skilled players. The NFL draft this year took place in Philadelphia.

The draft order is determined by the teams’ records from the previous season. All teams that didn’t make the playoffs are automatically assigned to draft slots one through twenty.  The team with the best record will get the twenty slot and the team with the worst record will get the number one slot. Read more at

A player’s actions can affect their place in the draft, and not just the way they play and perform on the field. One of the key first round players, Gareon Conley, was bumped down with uninvited to the draft because of his personal mistake that was no longer so personal. He had been messing around with different women in ways that caused them to take it to court. A girl charged him with assault and went to the press about it.  He was eventually picked by the Oakland Raiders, despite the accusations and is a very talented football player.  As famous athletes, they are also role models to many people and when things like that take place, they are not setting a good example.

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