Optical Illusion Controversy

Two years ago in February 2015, the blue and black or white and gold dress was one of the most talked about viral photos. Now in October 2017, the pink and white or teal and grey shoe has arrived. It did not create as much of a controversy as the dress, but it has caused people to debate if they had eye problems or not and just make fun of each other, both in a fun way. These debates were was caused by the optical illusion of the wavelengths depicting different colors when bouncing off the object. Some just discard the other color and just see plain white and gold or blue and black.

In a survey conducted by The Logic, I was able to see that more than half of students in our high school were fooled by the optical illusion that tried to mess with everyone’s head. The actual color of the famous dress was blue and black, but 58.6% of students at BCS saw white and gold. However, the shoe survey I sent out showed that 59% saw the actual colors pink and white, considering the fact that only half responded to that survey.  The shoe was not as edited to create chaos over it, but there was enough to make it onto Snapchat.

Both pictures were edited to make some people see one pair of colors, while others would see another. The creators of the picture took it at a certain angle with a certain lighting and edited it a bit more so our eyes couldn’t see the actual colors. The original color of the shoe was pink and white, but it was edited to make it look like grey and teal. Looking at the surveys, many students saw both colors. These optical illusions are some of the most talked about stories when pictures like this come out and cause the world to debate.

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