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Once upon a time (1930) in the city of Brotherly Love, the people longed for some tasty goodness on toasted bread. The Philadelphians couldn’t eat another boring hot dog, they needed something new, something better.  One day, Pat Olivieri, the hot dog vendor,  solved this epidemic. The solution was simple: grill some beef from the butcher and put that bad boy on a toasted Italian roll with some cheese.  The Philadelphians could not believe their taste buds, and ever since, the cheesesteak has been a trademark of Philadelphia. (Don’t you dare call it “steak and cheese”.)

Fast forward to the year 2017, and the cheesesteak is still thriving in its birthplace of Philadelphia. Our modern nobles of Tate, Matt, Jarred, Mr. Rossi, Mr. Smither, and Miss Klase yearned to try Philly’s own luscious cheesesteaks.

This journey had more potential than a slinky at the top of the steps. Our brave souls had to travel the devastating route of 422 just to experience this mouthwatering creation. As tummies started feeling empty, our travelers began getting cranky. At last, their navigator, Mr. Rossi, directed us to Dallesandro’s, our first cheesesteak place! They finally were able to taste Philly’s own. When, Mr. Rossi saw a place called Chubbies across the street, they decided to get two cheesesteaks at one stop. They could not say enough about the bread, which was simply amazing.  It was a unanimous decision that Chubbies was shockingly better than Dallesandro’s. Their hunger was answered, and they continued onward.

                                 At Jim’s

With Ms. Klase driving and Mr. Rossi navigating, they were making record time through the city. The next stop was Sonny’s in Old City , which was critically acclaimed by Mr. Rossi. Matt said that Sonny’s had more of  an “authentic city feel.”  The travelers craved more Philly cheesesteaks, and as the delicious goodness arrived they devoured them in no time. Mr. Smither shouted with joy, “I feel like a carnivore when I eat this, I feel like I’m biting through flesh!” Our voyagers’ tastebuds were more than satisfied with Sonny’s cheesesteaks, especially the meat, and they traveled to South Street.

As night arose, the daring adventurers’  stomachs grew full, but they knew that their journey was not over yet.  With stomachs being pushed to the limit, this cheesesteak tour needed to be completed.  They needed to push on to find the best cheesesteak that Philadelphia had to offer.  

As they traveled the tight streets, they found themselves on South Street, venturing into Jim’s.  Inside they could see the cooks handcrafting the cheesesteaks right beheind the counter, inspiring awe in the group. Finally, the journey was coming to a close, but there was one more place, conveniently right around the corner on South Street, called Woodrows Sandwich Shop. Mr. Smither was the most eager for this Woodrow’s cheesesteak, because many people have left positive feedback. With stomachs being pushed to the limit, this cheesesteak tour needed to be completed. This cheesesteak did not disappoint, and the homemade spicy mayo added a kick. Jarred said with much surprise, “I came in a mayo doubter, I left a mayo believer.”

       The travelers were filled with glee and satisfaction, as they were able to courageously finish their journey into the cheesesteak capital of the world. Their adventure was complete, and now it was time to go watch their hometown 76ers battle against the Trailblazers. Go check out Matt Henderson’s article to see the all the energy that they had after all the cheesesteaks!


Dalessandro’s Chubbies Sonny’s Jim’s Woodrows
Jarred 6.5 8.9 9.134 6.347 9.3
Matt 7.5 9.24 8.42 7.24 8.9
Tate 7.89 8.9 9.2 7.2 8.92
Ms. Klase 6.8 8.2 6.0 7.1 7.8
Mr. Smither 5.0 8.5 9.0 6.0 9.5
Mr. Rossi 4.1 9.0 9.0 7.0 8.0
Averages 6.29 8.79 8.46 6.81 8.73


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  1. You’re making me hungry. Thanks for the low down on the best places to go. Glad you sacrificed and had to eat all those cheesesteaks so we could know.

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