re:connect 2017 [HS Leadership Conference]

Lights, energy, singing, laughing, and exploring are all a part of the amazing experience of The ACSI Leadership Conference. On November 19-21, I attended this year’s conference along with 7 of my classmates and students from 52 other Christian schools around the world. Taking place in Washington DC, hundreds of 9th-12th grade students gather together each year to learn, worship, and engage with one another.

Every year there is a new theme to the conference. The themes rotate between re:connect, re:act, and re:purpose. This year’s theme was re:connect. Special speakers discussed and educated us on how to reconnect with our community by putting away our technology and other distractions in order to become better Christians. My favorite speaker was John Wilkinson. He explained what our relationship with God should look like.

The conference was more than just sitting in sessions. We enjoyed learning more about colleges, worshiping, going on excursions, and engaging in small group discussions. Throughout the conference, representatives from many Christian colleges were eager to meet us and tell us about their schools. Their booths offered insight into what student life on their campuses are all about. The worship at the beginning of each sessions was very impactful. Lives Changed by Christ Church worship band led us in praise and worship throughout the duration of the three day conference. The worship prepared us to focus on the messages we were about to hear.

In addition to the sessions, we also had a lot of fun outside of the conference room. We had the opportunity to go on excursions throughout the Nation’s capitol. We visited the NEWSeum, The Native American Museum, the Supreme Court, and the Library of Congress. I learned all about the history of journalism, the various art styles of classic painters, the technology of the early Native Americans, and the various Supreme Court justices. We even saw one of the original Gutenberg Bibles.

Finally, the majority of our time was spent in small group discussions. This was a very beneficial time for the group of students from BCS. We were able to elaborate on the sermons and collectively gather ideas useful for ourselves and our community.

Re:connect was an amazing once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. Next year’s theme will be re:act. If you are up for the spiritual challenge, I would encourage you to consider attending the conference next year to learn how to re:act on November 19-21. You don’t want to miss it!

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