Sancocho Recipe

Colder fall weather causes me to want some warm food, and during the fall, my go-to recipe is Dominican sancocho. Sancocho is soup that contains pork or beef (or sometimes both), along with corn, yuca, plantains, and squash. To properly eat sancocho, you pour your soup into a bowl and grab another plate for a side of white rice and avocado. After that, you pour some or all of the soup on top of the rice, and then you’re ready to enjoy your sancocho.

Sancocho is said to have originated in the Spanish Canary Islands, soon traveling to different parts of Latin America such as Ecuador, Colombia, and eventually reaching the Dominican Republic. Several different versions of sancocho exist, which can depend on the cookers region and origin. Sancocho was supposedly invented during the middle ages by a monk who lived just outside the Spanish village of Seville. The story says that a stocky monk was named San Cocho, he was supposed to prepare a meal for the entire religious order. So San Cocho came up with mixing several meats along with some veggies and made a soup. It tasted so good that it became popular throughout Spain and other countries, so he named it after himself. No one really knows if that is the true story behind how sancocho came to be, however, it’s a fun tale to tell when someone asks.

The ingredients needed to make sancocho can be different for everyone. The ingredients my grandmother used were:

  • Beef- short rib
  • Pork chops
  • Chicken
  • Potatoes
  • Green bananas
  • Green plantain
  • Yuca
  • Name
  • Yautia
  • Ayuma
  • Mapuey
  • Green pepper.

To make the sancocho like we do in my home , you need to first season and cook all the meat. Once the meats are cooked, boil some water in a separate pot. When the water boils, add all the vegetable ingredients, then add the meat after about 20 minutes . Once everything is fully cooked, add some water a little bit of garlic, sopita seasoning, oregano, and some pepper.

Once you add those ingredients your sancocho is prepared and ready to eat! Add some rice and avocados to the side. I brought it in and let my class try it out, and everyone seemed to like it. Sancocho is a great and easy fall recipe for everyone who enjoys a warm meal in this cold fall weather. 

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