Sherlock [BCS Drama Preview]

Each year, many students and the directors, Mr. Warner, Miss Klase, and Mr. Smither, combine their talents to perform the chosen play. From January to the middle of March, the cast members and directors work hard to put together this year’s production of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure.

There are so many more people involved in the drama production than viewers outside of the play would typically expect. Not only do actors and directors help make the play happen, but so does stage crew, tech crew, hair and makeup assistants, and other volunteers such as set builders, artists, musicians, and cooks who provide meals for the actors.

I interviewed the actors of the two lead characters in this year’s production,  to understand more about their experience and the behind-the-scenes work that the actors invest.

Drew Keylor, 11th grade, plays the lead character of Sherlock Holmes. He says his
character is “
very confident in his abilities, and loves to make others look like fools with his deduction abilities. He loves when someone challenges his mental capabilities, but he also has a caring nature for his closest friend, Watson.”

Especially for the lead role, memorizing lines can be a challenge. Drew said this was the most difficult part about the play so far. He said, “Since I’ve never done something like this before, at first it was very overwhelming. But with looking over the lines multiple times, other people helping me memorize them, and repeating the scenes over and over during practices, in about two months I was able to fully memorize my lines.”

Dr. Watson is played by Anaiya Huertas, 10th grade. She says her character is a “narrator, female doctor, and the only person who is crazy enough to be Holmes’ associate.” She feels that the most difficult part of the play is “to keep up with school work. When you are in a large portion of the play, the homework and memorization of lines is harder.”

With all the work and hours invested, both actors feel that it pays off in the end. All the time spent was worth it, considering the benefits they receive. Drew says “I think the good parts of the play are the people who are in it with me. They make it a lot more fun and exciting. And I am glad that I auditioned because I feel that it has been and still will be a good experience for my life.”

Actors have the ability to influence others and share a message. Anaiya said “I wasn’t expecting to get the role of Watson but am so honored to play this character, especially as a female. A strong female lead was something I was so excited to embody and show to the younger girls in the school. Never be afraid in taking chances.”

With all the investments made into this production by the BCS King’s Players, it will be a very enjoyable play to see. Be sure not to miss out on seeing Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure on March 16th-18th. Come and support your fellow classmates!

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