Short Stories for the Summer

Mrs. Hoffman’s Writing Club finished some short stories, just in time for a bit of summer reading. Scroll onward for selections from Deacon McCoy, Grant Seville, and Isaiah Cosme.

Grizzly and Sam
By Deacon McCoy

On a medieval planet called Universe-P, two heroes for hire, Grizzly and Sam, are on their way back from a quest through a forest of tall pine trees.

Sam said, ‘’Hey Grizzly, I think we are lost. We should use the map.’’

Grizzly said, ‘’No, that’s a terrible idea!  I know these woods like my own backpack.’’

After a while, Grizzly agreed to use the map, but when Sam went to pull it out, it was not there. This was a problem because Grizzly admitted he had no idea where they were. Grizzly looked around and saw only tall pine trees all around him.

Then the two heroes saw a strange man in a brown cowl with a high voice. Sam approached him. Sam said, ‘’Hello, can you help us get to our kingdom?’’

The strange man said, ‘’Yes, follow me.”

After a while, Grizzly said, ‘’Ugh, Sam this is taking forever!’’

The stranger said, ‘’The kingdom is right behind those bushes.’’ So Sam and Grizzly ran, but when they went through the bushes there was nothing behind the bushes and the stranger apologized for being wrong.

At that point, Grizzly and Sam were both very annoyed and just started screaming for help. The two did that for ten minutes, but it got them nowhere. Sam started to get worried and Grizzly was getting hungry. As they kept walking, they noticed their medieval armor was getting dirty.

Grizzly said, ‘’I think I have an idea.’’ Grizzly’s idea was to follow this trail of peanuts across the woods that started in front of them, until they found what it led too. So the two walked and walked. A long time later they saw a building. The two ran to the building and they saw it was a gift shop.

They both went inside, and while Grizzly was eating the food he had bought from the store clerk, Sam was able to buy a map. For some reason, Grizzly insisted they both go to the bathroom to fix their armor. With the map, they found their way back to their kingdom and accepted their reward from the king for completing their quest. They were very happy.

Mysterious Money
By Grant Seville

Hello my name is Grant. I live on Covered Bridge Road, and this is what I imagine might happen in the future.    

On the Covered Bridge Road in Oley, I found a mysterious case of money on the side of the road while I was walking my dog. I brought the case to my dog, Cody. Cody sniffed it. “I guess that is an all clear,” I said. I opened the case and found $101,900 in cash within it. At this point I said, “This must be fake money.”

The next day was Saturday and I went to a store. Before opening the door there was a sign that said “Black Light Vision.” I went into the store. It was tacky with computers and cash signs everywhere. I walked up to the women at the desk and said, “Can you please tell me if this is real?”

“Of course,” said the women. I waited at the door for 5 hours! After I waited I found out the money was not only real, but was 200 years old!

I did not know if I should keep the money or give it to charity. When I was walking home past all the corn fields, I heard my neighbor saying that he lost his money. People thought that before he moved to Oley he went on expeditions to Mexico. I was hesitant and was wondering if the guy lost the money I found. Later that evening when it was all dark, I started spying on that neighbor.

“He is asleep,” I said.

So I then started to use logic and said,  “This guy has no family and this probably is his money.” I flipped the case over and it had his initials carved into it.

I sighed and told myself, “I will give the money to him in the morning.”

One day later, as I approached the house, I felt anxious about what I was going to say to my neighbor. What if he thought I stole it? I knocked on the door, the neighbor answered.

“Who are you?” he asked.

I replied that, “I’m the the person who found your money and case on the side of the road.

He said, “Continue.”

“Well, I had the money, but in the morning when I woke up it was gone.”

“That’s okay, I have other money. To be exact, I have  $1,000,000,00,” said the neighbor. “Tell you what: why don’t you just keep it. No point in lying to me.”

“But I’m not, I lost the money.” I replied.

“Whatever,” he said. And he shut the door.

I then returned home and very quickly found out where the money had gone! Cody, the dog, had cashed it in for gold covered everything. A gold bone, a gold ball, a gold chain, and a gold cat figure.

“Oh, stink.” I said.

Winter Can Be Hazardous
By Isaiah Cosme

One winter day, my friends and I realized after school that it had snowed all day. We couldn’t open any door to leave school or call anyone on the phone. While everyone waited in the gym to go home, Mr. Lenick and I tried to go outside. It didn’t work because the door was covered so high with snow that it was up to our waist. We couldn’t even step foot into the snow.

Mr. Lenick and I were so frustrated, so we tried to go out a high window above the snow. Mr. Lenick and I were in the sanctuary. The windows were 10 feet high.The others were in the gym playing with their friends. I tried to jump out of a high window onto the piles of snow. This also didn’t work because we just got covered in snow. Then we were cold and numb from head to toe.

Then some of the other people in the school try to jump out of the window with 3 coats on for protection so they wouldn’t break a bone trying to get to the road. It didn’t work out because they got stuck trying and their lower body got too cold, so they came back inside.

So we hung out at the school all night. We did activities such as playing kickball in the gym, eating dinner together, and sleeping overnight. It was lots of fun to be away from our parents. We explored all the little rooms of the school and didn’t get in any trouble. When everyone woke up in the morning a good portion of the snow melted so we all shoveled the snow together and got to the main road. Then we called our parents to go home.

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