Social Media: A Look Back

In 2017, social media affects most of our lives on a daily basis, but its roots go farther back than one might expect. People have been using social media for years in the past.  It has since been revolutionized with technology to fit into our modern times, but let’s take a look at its beginnings.

The first actual social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997 by a man named Andrew Weinreich, a legal professor and financial analyst. On the site, named after the concept of six degrees of separation, the user could make a profile and friend others.

Soon after in 1999, the first versions of blogging sites were created. One of the more popular sites is MySpace, created in the early 2000’s by Tom Anderson (copywriter and product tester for XDrive) and Chris DeWolfe (American Entrepreneur).

Social media sites that are still very popular today were introduced a little later in the 2000’s like Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), Instagram (2010), and Snapchat (2011). These sites and apps completely changed the game.  Social media was in full swing by 2006.

In my personal opinion, social media is a good thing, but not if used too much or in the wrong ways. If the user is consumed by all of these different websites and apps, they can become less capable to socialize face to face in everyday situations or at regular social gatherings. I am not the only one to believe this, here is what Berks Christian School teacher Mr. Smither has to say about it.

“Social media, like most things, is great in moderation. Snapchat is fun for making dumb jokes with those ever-updating filters, but I try not to do it TOO often. My mama always said that if I made that face too much, it would stay that way.”

Just keep in mind that on average the regular person checks their phone 85 times a day.  Some even spend almost 5 hours on their phone in one day.

 As it was said earlier, social media is a good thing, but moderation should be in use when it comes to phones or electronics in general. For more on this topic, see Nicole Wilson’s article Social Media: A Christian View.

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