Somethin’ ‘Bout Summer!

Summer is finally here; we made it! All of the students, faculty, and staff are more than excited to enjoy time off of school. For some this is their favorite season, as some would say the most wonderful time of the year. This summer, the BCS students have some pretty cool plans for the next ten weeks.

Josh Lutz is spending the summer getting ready for high school life. His summer plans are to: “Chill, ponder life, play video games, ponder life some more, eat, sleep.”  As most of us plan to catch up on sleep, some still plan to stay out late and enjoy their warm summer nights with s’mores and bonfires.  Freshman Tori Jameson is transitioning into her sophomore year by joining multiple volleyball camps, swimming, and playing more volleyball with friends.

Sophomore Isaiah Cosme has big plans! He plans on not only getting a job, but also working on his b-ball game  by joining a summer basketball league. Junior Andrew Keylor will be trying something new by staying at his grandparents by himself for about a month. He also plans on working and attending a science camp. Senior Carli Bercek is excited for her family camping vacation and road trips with friends. She will also be spending her summer getting ready for college by attending freshman orientation.

Have fun and enjoy your summer break! Remember these wise words by Bohdan Jacklitsch: summer means “the ability to do all the stuff I already do but without the regret.”

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