Spirit Week & Senior Night Recap

Every year, the school sets out a week, usually in February, known as “Spirit Week.” For every day of that week, students are able to dress up as anything that has to do with the specific theme for that day. This year, Spirit Week started on Monday, January 29th and went all the way through Tuesday, February 6th. It is always a fun activity to do as a school. There is so much variety everyday even if there is only one theme. We get to see how different we all are and enjoy each other’s ideas.

The theme for the first Monday was comfy day. Everyone, including teachers, came in that day wearing their comfiest outfits along with blankets, pillows, and their favorite stuffed animals. That Monday was definitely not so bad after all. The next day, students came in with a twin. You got to pick your favorite buddy and basically be the same person for a whole day. If anyone ever wanted to know what it would be like to have a twin, Tuesday helped make that dream come true. On Wednesday, the theme was Jersey Day. This worked out perfectly, given that the SuperBowl was just around the corner. We could all show how much we love our Eagles, and if some of you don’t, we can’t imagine the pain you must be going through right now. We will keep you in our thoughts.

On Thursday, each class was assigned a color. This gave students the opportunity to wear anything they wanted that had that color and match with their whole grade. It was as if, as a school, we were one big rainbow. Decade Day took place on Friday. Students and teachers chose any decade and they would dress up as if they were still in that decade. We brought back the hippies and many rocked the rockstar hair (no pun intended) and leather jackets. The next Monday, February 5th, was Senior Night. There was no school due to the weather, but Senior Night still took place. Our BCS Basketball varsity teams played against New Covenant Christian, where the guys’ team won their final home game of the regular season 65-45. After their game, all seniors involved in sports were recognized in front of all of the friends and family that attended.

Spirit Week ended on Tuesday, February 6th with a maroon and gold theme. Many students and even teachers dressed down as lions as well to make the BCS spirit even more present. In the afternoon that same day, the student council organized a pep rally for the entire school. Many basketball games and activities took place to commemorate Senior Night taking place the night before. Students were divided into their Leadership Legacy groups where the preschoolers and middle schoolers sat with their big best friends and enjoyed spending that time together.

Check out more pictures from each day below:



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