Sports, Branching Out

As spring comes, baseball season is in full swing. Many were complaining about not having a baseball team for the school.  But for some that is no longer a problem. BCS is now doing a co-op with Daniel Boone for our high schoolers to play for their team. Matthew Henderson, 10th grade, is playing on this team and enjoying it. Although I did not try out for the Daniel Boone team, I still think that this is a great idea for those at the school who do want to play baseball and do not already have a team.

On the other hand, there are different travel teams in the area which are available as well.  I will be playing on the Gibraltar travel team this season. One of my favorite things is the feeling of winning games and having a great time playing ball with friends, that is something this sport can always deliver.

Also, high school teams and leagues like legion or city county give us young athletes the opportunity to be scouted and play in higher levels of baseball. For instance, I will be playing a tournament hosted by Mansfield University state college this season with the Gibraltar Lions travel team.

I would have to say athletics seem to be getting better and better as Berks Christian School is excelling year by year with the changes in athletics.  This is a great thing for those of us who love playing sports and want to keep getting better at what we play. Kody Godsey, the new AD (athletic director) has been doing a good job in his part of connecting us with the different teams and leagues, giving us the opportunities of these different sports.

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