Sprin-ter Activities

This year has taken a toll on all of us. This weather and all of these snow days have thrown everyone off, and clearly the seasons are a tad confused as well. Everyone is so ready for summer, the sun, beach trips, and lots of free time spent eating ice cream and wearing cool sunglasses. But here we are, still wearing coats in April and spending way too much time stuck at home. Most people already ran out of ideas on what to do every time school calls off or every weekend the weather is not cooperating in any way. Consequently, there has been too much sleep involved, and it is time we take charge instead of being ice-olated at home. HA! Get it..? Ice because it’s cold? No? Okay, moving on. I’m here to help you figure out what to do, so let’s get started.

First, you’re going to want to make sure you clear your entire schedule. Yes, you read that right. Skip school, cancel your doctor’s appointment, call off work. Do whatever it takes to clear your day. Your parents will be mad, but that’s okay. With all of these snow days, one more day won’t hurt anyone, right? Okay, now that you’ve managed to not only make your parents mad but also have a ton of school work to make up, you might as well just keep it up because it can’t get any worse from here. Now, you’re probably wondering how any of this is going to help you find something to do, but just bear with me.

Your next step will take some detective skills because if you are anything like me, then your parents definitely hid every and any sweet to keep you from eating them all at once. However, that is exactly what I am asking you to do. First, you have to go through your dad’s clothes (even if you’re a girl, it’s okay, it’ll work out) and find anything that’ll make you look like a detective. Get his most expensive clothing item that looks like a trench coat, a white oxford, some very nice shoes, and a magnifying glass. I’m guessing you made a mess while looking for the clothes; just leave it, you don’t have much time. Next step is to look all over the house for candy, all of the candy that you can find. Empty your entire fridge, break through walls, take everything out of the pantry. And voila! There it is. You’ve definitely found it by now. Eat it. Eat absolutely all of it and don’t even bother getting a napkin, just wipe your fingers off on the clothes. It’s okay, your dad can just wash it.

Now get ready for the last step. Yes, that’s right. We are not done here until we figure out what things to do during this Sprinter. Get it? Spring, but it’s winter weather? Come on, that one was good!

After making  that mess all over the house, skipping school for no reason, trashing your dad’s really expensive clothes, and eating absolutely all of the candy, you might see how you could be in some small trouble…maybe, right? So there it is! Your parents will make you clean everything up which will take a couple hours at least, maybe even days. You’ll have to wash your dad’s clothes, make up all of your school work that you missed, get a job and work in order to pay for more candy since you ate it all, and all of that will take days, probably weeks. By then we are hoping that the weather has already picked up its pace, and it is sunny and 75 with a chance of happiness, except maybe not for you because you’ll be grounded for months. But that’s okay because we finally figured out what you can do (other than sleeping and watching Sponge Bob) during all the free time and this weird weather! And you didn’t even have to go outside and get cold. Look at that!

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