Technology [2016 Year in Review]

Even in a time period of only a year, there have been a sizable amount of new technologies that have either been produced and made available for use, or have been immensely improved so that they will be used soon.

One of these new technologies is the development in immune engineering. Major diseases like cancer and leukemia are very threatening to the human body, especially since the immune system can’t cure them by itself most of the time. In recent months, scientists have been able to alter and change the genetic coding in a person’s bloodstream to target the diseased cells in order to prevent them from spreading. This new technology is still in early stages of development and testing, but scientists believe that in a few years they will be able to manipulate the immune system into curing some of these malignant diseases.

Over the past few years, robotics has become more and more advanced. Robots have been able to perform certain tasks, even if they aren’t necessarily complex. In order to advance in skill, robots need a considerable amount of data.. Over this year, certain companies have been able to program robots to perform tasks, upload that data up to “The Cloud”, and then command other robots to read and “learn” the programming in order to perform the same task. It is predicted that in a short period of years, the tasks robots will have and their ability to bestow “knowledge” on other robots will improve exponentially.

Possibly one of the most anticipated technologies of the future is self-driving cars. These cars are designed to make driving more safe as they use sensors and cameras to drive on roads by themselves while having complete access to the brakes and acceleration. In certain areas (like Austin, Texas and Mountain View, California), autonomous cars were able to drive freely with a passenger inside to test the speeds on the road. As the cars improve more, the faster the future will come where cars will be driving us around without people needing to be in control at all. In an article written on, author Ryan Bradley described the feeling of actually being able to try one for himself. “I was amazed by how quickly I got used to it, how inevitable it began to feel.”

Even though these are only a few of the many new technologies that have manifested this year, it is amazing to see how far technology has been developed recently. Although a lot of them are still in development, that only makes it more exciting for when these innovations are actually available for the general public.

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