The Graduates of 2017: Moving On

With the end of the year quickly approaching, another senior class is preparing to move on from high school. They have taken their finals last week and are currently enjoying their senior trip in New York.

With some students working and others going into college or trade school, hopefully BCS has prepared them for whatever they may face outside of school. I had the privilege to interview some students about later plans and how BCS has prepared them. They have learned not only book knowledge, but life lessons.

Carli said, “I have learned that some of the best friendships you make are the ones you don’t see coming.”

She also mentioned some teachers that have impacted her.  “I am thankful for Mr. Lenick who was always there to tell me not to take myself too seriously, Mrs. Vrankin who always listened to my problems, no matter how petty they were, and for Mr. Rossi always reminding me to make wise choices.”

Since she is attending a secular college, she gives wise advice to other students: “Don’t take Bible class for granted. I am not going to a Christian college, so I think I am going to miss learning about the Bible everyday in class with Mr. Rossi.”

Another senior, Bohdan, had advice for students as well: “Take the unique opportunity that (you) have a private school.” Being in a private school allows smaller and more close-knit friendship circles and interaction with groups of different people.

He also feels that being in a Christian school allows for a unique environment. He said that BCS “impacted me well in two ways, the first and more obvious being in the form of Christian education, and the second being by providing an environment in which relationships can flourish.”

A senior that has been in BCS since kindergarten is Jacob. He plans on finishing his program at BCTC, then either attending Thaddeus Stevens or getting a job. His big advice to the students is to “get good grades to get into college, so they can be smart in the world.”

All the seniors have had good memories at BCS and will be missed next year! They will be moving on and using the knowledge that BCS and our teachers have taught them.

Our seniors have been ambitious and are looking forward to this new chapter in their lives. They are a good reminder and example to us students of what we have to work towards and look forward to.

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