The Legendary Middle School Retreat

The middle school retreat gives a great opportunity to our BCS 6th-8th graders, allowing them to grow individually and spiritually. It is also a great time to have fun with your friends outside of school. It is a wonderful environment for the kids to make memories that last forever.

Before the actual retreat at the camp, the kids, teachers, and helpers went to Monocacy Elementary School. We read, played games, and helped with all the first grade classes. The middle schoolers loved this and the first graders loved having them. Most of our studens wanted to go back again or stay there all day. Brayden Halter said, “Helping at the elementary school was my favorite part of the day.”

The rest of the retreat took place at Camp Manatawny, which is a beautiful camp. The teachers that went were Miss Klase, Mr. Smither, Mrs. Klase, Miss Wegman, and our great head of school Mr. Warner. The high school students that got to go and help were Jarred, Emily, Landon, and I.

Mr. P (Elijah Platchek from West-Mont Christian Academy), was the speaker for both sessions. He used great illustrations and really connected with the middle school students through his humor. In his first session, he explained that we are all God’s handiwork and that God is the creator and a refiner. Sometimes He has to remove or add things to our lives in order to make us better, and He always has something better.

Mr. P talked about these points to the middle schoolers, and he had their attention through the whole session. He is a very good speaker and according to Miss Klase, “He understands middle school students, and he was able to keep them actively engaged so that they understood the meaning of Ephesians 2:10.” After the session, there were breakout groups and discussion questions. There was lots of good insight, and the kids were thinking and wondering, which helps them grow spiritually.

The free time after session 1 went great: the classes really bonded through activities like basketball, gaga, and hiking. The kids loved the free time and a big group kickball game which they all loved and had fun with. They enjoyed it so much. After free time, the legendary Mr. P spoke again during session 2. This session, he talked about purpose. What is our purpose? He talked about how God equips us to be able to do good works for Him. He closed it off with talking about how we need to create more than we consume.

After the session and dinner, there was a hayride and a campfire. The hayride was awesome and everyone loved it. Nicole Henderson said, “The hayride was definitely my favorite part.” All the middle schoolers loved the retreat, and everyone grew closer to each other and God. This is a major key in a middle schooler’s life at BCS.

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