The Masks We Wear

We’ve all lied about who we are. You might even be doing it subconsciously (that means without realizing it). I mean, it’s not really your fault. Most people want to fit into this spectrum of normality that society has burdened us with. So we create these “personality masks” that protect us from judgment or protect others from ourselves. But should we really be hiding our authentic selves from others? Look at it this way; no one goes around with a full costume on a few days after Halloween. In order to live a healthy life with ourselves and others, we should try and remove these masks. Here are some you may identify with, and some ways you can work towards a journey of self-acceptance.

Little Miss Sunshine

They’ve always got a smile, and you’ve probably never heard them complain about a single thing. Their life seems nearly perfect, but is it? Instead of trying to keep that frown upside down in a world where no one can always avoid hurting, try to open up to someone trustworthy about your trials.  Positivity is certainly a virtue, but when it’s forced, it only brings more negativity into your life. Our lives on this earth weren’t made to be perfect, so it’s okay to show others your not-so-perfect side.


Little Miss Yes

This person wants to fit in by pleasing others. No matter the task, they’ll do it, regardless of their own feelings about it. Saying “no” just isn’t an option. For me, this is the most common cover-up. I’ve even got some of this mask left to work on and remove in my life. Now, don’t get me wrong. Wanting to make others happy isn’t inherently a bad thing. But when it interferes with your morals and personal happiness, then you should think twice on saying “yes.”


Mr. Grumpy Pants

Ever heard of the old man that yells at kids just for crossing his lawn? Well, maybe that old man is in need of a little lovin.’ You see, these people, like all the rest you’ll read about in this article, put up a front. Except instead of trying to pull others towards them, they push people away. Usually it’s some self-esteem issues nagging at them or some other pain they don’t want to let others in on. If you find yourself in the emotional position of a grumbling old man, try to slowly but surely let go of that rigid attitude and let a little light into your life. Besides, a hug never hurt anybody.

Overall, we’ve all got personality faults. Although we were created as perfect beings, things didn’t work out and here we are. No one can be perfect 24/7, and it’s okay to not be okay! What’s most important is trying to be human.  So instead of exhausting all your energy into always being the poster child or the grumbling grandpa, try to find a healthy in-between. A balance of your emotions will not only lead to a healthier relationship with yourself, but with others as well.  


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2 Comments on “The Masks We Wear”

  1. Thanks for being brave and writing about a deep topic. I read those ‘Little Miss’ and ‘Mister’ books growing up. That’s an interesting way to think about our masks.

    1. Thanks for the feedback!
      I personally never read the ‘Little Miss’ & ‘Mister’ books when I was a child. I’m only familiar with the characters because they seemed to pop up all the time at the bookstore I frequented.

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