The Most Interesting Man in the World

This is a story about the most interesting man in the world, whose legend is told throughout the hallways of Berks Christian School.  His thoughts are so profound that he is said to be years ahead of his time. The inner machinations of his mind are an enigma.

This thoughtful guy says that he is in a waiting period in his life. There is not much happening in his life currently, so he relies on anticipation to get through the days, such as countdowns and movie dates. When asked what countdown he anticipated most, he was very quick to say Shrek 5,  which is expected to come out May 3rd, 2019. When he is not thinking about the Shrek franchise, he is thinking about the summer time and how long until school ends. The legend’s free time also consists of memes, a very important thing in his life. Some of his favorites are “evil patrick” and “I’m something of a scientist myself”.

When this thoughtful man was asked what interests him the most, he said, “Sleep.” On the subject of sleep, the ancient one (as people call him) can go to sleep anywhere from 7:30 P.M to 3:00 A.M. Part of his reason for staying up so late is because most of his day is spent doing things for school so the only time he can do something entertaining is in the A.M’s. Another reason is actually quite frightening: he is scared awake by the fact that school is just a few hours away.

He also likes to catch up on the latest news. He says that he only gets his news from a reliable source: the news host Keemstar from the Youtube channel DramaAlert. During the few hours that he does sleep, his brain conceives some strange dreams. Some examples are a time when he talked to Matt Henderson for a while about Papa John’s. Another one is a dream when he came to school without shoes on, so he decided to walk to the beach. 

He was asked what he thought was the biggest misconception about him. He responded by saying that people think he is dumb. He says that people perceive him of being dumb because he acts it. He claims that the real intellectual version of him comes out sometimes when he wears glasses.

This intellectual being was willing to share a lot of fun facts about himself. The legend also revealed that one time in 5th grade he told all the girls in his class that he was afraid of crackers (the edible kind), and they believed it. Another interesting fact is that his diet normally consists of either Cup ‘O Noodles or Hot Pockets. He also has a chihuahua named Peppy who breaks out of her cage at night sometimes and wears a diaper. Sometimes that dog goes in to his neighbor’s yard. His neighbor’s name is Dick and he is in a band called Flamin’ Dick and the Hot Rods.

All these facts and stories all belong to one interesting person. You’ve probably seen him walk through the halls and not known that much about him. But now: you have been in the mind and in the life of Shawn Pasko.

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