The Stranger Things Of Season 2

Stranger Things has taken the internet by storm. Its popularity has recently blown up with the second season being added to Netflix, and the fans rushing to watch all the new plot developments. I’m personally a fan of the show and couldn’t wait to see what the Duffer Brothers cooked up for this new season. They took the plot in a great direction, and there was definitely a lot that I wasn’t expecting. Here are some highlight episodes with unforeseen twists and my personal takes on these new developments.


Episode 4: Will the Wise

This episode is the beginning of all evil. Throughout the earlier part of the show, Will was having incidents where he would shift in and out of realities. One reality was what we would consider normal life, and the other was a sickening, dark, damp place filled with terrible things called The Upside Down. But these incidents hadn’t harmed him physically in the first few episodes. That is, until the shadow monster (a..k.a the Mind Flayer) in the Upside Down caught up with him and possessed him, causing Will’s character to spiral down into malevolence. I wasn’t keen with how Will turned to the “bad” side (even though it wasn’t his choice) because who likes the villain in any  scenario? But without this happening, I’m not sure the plot would’ve been as interesting.

Episode 7: The Lost Sister

This episode highlights a different set of characters, as well as the ever popular Eleven. She goes on a journey to find her psychic sister that was hinted at in the first episode, and she is not disappointed. The woman she encounters, Kali, is gifted with the same telekinetic powers as Eleven, but with a twist. I thought her power was fascinating and really wished they would’ve showcased more of it in the show. But Kali’s personality wasn’t what you would expect from her overall appearance. I know the whole “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” phrase, but in shows, a character typically portrays how they act not only from their demeanor, but also from their dress. I think they could’ve given her a little more spunk and attitude to match her appearance. But I did enjoy the rest of the new cast, and hope to see more of them in future episodes.

Episode 8: The Mind Flayer

With this being the second-to-last episode, a lot is gonna go down. Some of our heroes get trapped into a deadly situation with the evil demo-dogs at their heels. But one courageous man steps up to the challenge of saving his comrades. Sadly, his courage brought him to his avoidable fate. I say “avoidable” because the way this character died was mildly unrealistic and there was a definite way out.

Picture this.

You’re running for your life from a pitbull-sized man-eating lizard, and you manage to get away from its jaws at the last second. But there are others of its kind in the vicinity that could find you at any moment. Your only escape is maybe 10 ft. away from you through a glass door. Any sane person would book it towards their safety, right? But  because of some decisions made by the directors, that’s not how things went down. I’m still emotionally wounded from the loss of one of the show’s best characters, and truly feel like his death was a vile act on behalf of the Duffer Brothers. Nonetheless, they’re the directors so they make the calls.

Overall, Stranger Things is a highly recommended show. If you’re looking for something to spice up your weekend Netflix binge, check it out,  especially if you are a sci-fi thriller junkie.

If you’re interested in investing your time to watch Stranger Things, here’s a spoiler-free episode guide and rundown of the show.

Discretion for possible future viewers: This show is rated TV-14 and has mild sexual situations, moderate profanity, scenes with alcohol and (frequent) smoking, violence and gore, and moderately frightening/intense scenes.

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  1. You sound just like a real reviewer. This show has been recommended to me but I don’t like horror and the previous make it look like it is horror, so I’m not willing to start it. What do you think?

    1. With watching Stranger Things I was never scared to the point where I couldn’t sleep and had to watch my back every so often. So I would definitely try watching it since there’s nothing too extreme or traumatizing.

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